The Ultimate Muscat Travel Guide

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Oman is one of the most enchanting countries that you will ever visit. Even though many do not even know about this gem in the Middle East, voyagers will always tell you how amazing the land is. For those who do not know about the country, it is neighbor to the United Arab Emirates, and you can reach Muscat by a one-hour flight from Dubai. The capital city of Muscat remains one of the most amazing locations for tourists. This is the most helpful and ultimate travel guide for you when going to Muscat. 

Important Tips

  • Transport

The best way to go about this is to rent a vehicle. There is also a public transport system in the Omani capital but not many are interested in it. You can also go for any of the several taxis, but you should know that they are relatively pricey. Muscat is a massive city, so it makes sense that you have a car ready. The rental prices are pocket-friendly, and gas is cheap. 

  • Money Conversion

It is particularly good that you convert your dollars or euros to the local currency which is the Omani rial. This is going to make all your transactions to be as easy as possible. This is particularly true for those who love to bargain in the markets. 

  • Dress Moderately

Even though Oman is one of the most peaceful and tolerant nations in the world, it is good that you remain sensitive to local customs. Dressing moderately is important and avoid attire that shows too much skin so that you will not be seen as disrespectful. 

Places to Visit in Muscat

  • Mutrah Souq 

This is the typical Arab market, and you can expect to see all kinds of Omani and even Indian products. You will be amazed to know that frankincense is a unique and extremely popular item in this market. You will also be fascinated to see very colorful Omani fabrics. You are free to bargain with the marketers using your Omani rials. If you are a lover of food, then you must check out the market’s Bait al Luban restaurant. 

  • National Museum

This is the ideal location for you to learn about the arts, history, and culture of this great nation. It is a sophisticated museum that is located just across from the Al Alam Palace. You can also enjoy short clips on the history and evolution of Oman. You will surely find the exhibition of traditional attire and artworks to be very profound and interesting. 

  • The Mutrah Corniche

You will realize that Muscat is a massive city and if you love walking, you will be passionate about this timeless Omani city. The city is very massive but walking down the Mutrah Corniche is going to leave you more than excited. You will take many photos with the cute dolphin statues. 

  • Royal Opera House Muscat

This building is one of the sites you must visit when you are in this country. Its stunning design and impressive list of world-class performers will leave you speechless. There are walking tours organized every day around this Opera House and you should be part of at least one of them. But apart from the walking tours, one other thing that you must make sure that you do will be to attend any of the performances in the opera house. 

  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

This is most likely the most impressive building in all of Muscat and it is the country’s most well-known mosque. It was constructed in 2001 and it one of the few mosques in the country that is open to everyone – both Muslims and non-Muslims. It is an exciting place for anyone interested in learning about Islam and Muslim architecture. It has the largest prayer carpet on earth weighing a staggering 21 tons – you should surely check it out.  

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