The Self-Defense Moves That Will Keep You Safe

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When someone mentions the word self-defense, they usually think of traditional styles such as Karate. In the past, martial arts were intimidating to others because they were relatively foreign and unknown.

Today things have changed significantly. Numerous traditional martial arts have been proven to be insufficient in a life-threatening situation. Many have found out the hard way that learning some form of Karate or Kung fu will not guarantee your safety and keep you from being attacked. We have to realize that all styles are not created equal, all self-defense moves are not a high percentage, and mastering martial art will not make you invulnerable to attack. The reality is that anyone can be beaten in a physical confrontation despite their knowledge.

It is now more understood that the best self-defense moves involve your mind and are less of a physical nature. The main factor of surviving the streets is knowing your surroundings and preventing an attack from happening. If your intuition tells you something seems dangerous or strange, pay attention. It’s there to assist you in staying safe.

Suppose you are a woman seeking to learn effective self-defense moves to protect yourself from an attacker on the streets. In that case, I strongly recommend that you seek out a women’s self-defense program versus a traditional martial arts class. Karate classes are great in the respect that they strengthen your body physically, but unless you are training for a competition, it is probably not going to be what you are looking for.

Here are a few Practical Self-Defense Moves that you must master.

  1. Hammer strike: Use your car keys to defend yourself.
  2. Groin kick: If someone is aggressively approaching you from the front, a groin kick may produce enough force to deaden your attacker, making your escape easier.
  3. Heel palm strike: This move can damage the throat or nose. To execute this move, get in front of your attacker and then hit him/her with your palm.
  4. Alternative elbow strikes: To execute this, lift your elbow to shoulder height and pivot on the same-side foot, and allow your hips to twist, building more momentum into the front part of your elbow when you hit.
  5. Escape from a side headlock: When the intruder locks his/her arm around your head from the side, your first response should be to dodge getting choked. To execute that, use your hand that’s furthest away and strike the groin with slaps until you have sufficient mobility to turn your head out to disengage.


A basic women’s self-defense course will be relatively brief and simple so that you can absorb what is taught. It will be taught by a qualified instructor that will go over strategies on effective ways to avoid confrontation and how to escape life-threatening situations quickly and effectively. You can also learn these moves very quickly on YouTube. 

Staying safe outside of your house doesn’t mean you need to dedicate years to Kung fu training. It means you need to acquire some basic knowledge, a few highly effective techniques, and learning to trust your intuition. If you take some time to learn this necessary information, then you can keep yourself safe by avoiding possibly dangerous situations.

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