The night when fascism unsheathed violence in Bengal after election

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At this hazardous juncture, when the entire country is pervaded with despair, hopelessness, and panic. Bengal violence just gashed the bleeding wounds.

It all started when the results were declared. The astounding victory of Subendru Adhikari in Nandigram seems to play an important role in this planned violence. This debacle is an unforgettable embarrassment for Mamta Banerji. Cm had insinuated this earlier while doing a rally in West Bengal where she said, “when everyone who has come here for you, will go back. When central forces leave West Bengal, I will be here. I will see everyone and everything. Few days are left.”

Surprisingly, as the result night veiled the Bengal, the fire of political rivalry and hatred erupted in some parts of Bengal, brimming all social platforms with Heartwrenching news of BJP workers being lynched, their houses were vandalized. In a span of few hours, umpteen disturbing news came out, depicting Bengal was on fire when BJP Mahila morcha members were mercilessly raped and killed. The houses of people who had acquaintance with BJP were bombarded selectively. Their shops were allegedly vandalized and plundered by Tmc goons. It was too distressing to watch.

On 2nd May, even the communist party of India celebrated the results, albeit knowing Cpim reached the nadir in Bengal. It was unequivocally baffling, but they didn’t really celebrate because TMC retained the power, but because BJP lost. On 3rd May, the Cpim leader Aishe Ghosh was seen posting the same pictures of the ordeal orchestrated by TMC, which they questioned earlier when BJP shared this on its official pages. The mob vandalized houses, and old people were harassed and whacked in their homes; moreover, few CPIM workers were allegedly lynched as well in this dire violence unleashed by Tmc.

Within few hours, the gang, which is hired by some political parties to whitewash the bloodshed, came out, explaining why this violence isn’t even violence. On Twitter, Some celebrities openly lauded Mamata Banerji for such a kind of atrocity against the BJP. A new gang hired for clothing the pieces of evidence came out and labeled the violent ordeal people faced as fake news. In this country, people are hijacked by hatred against a particular community, political party, and religion. Due to this unbridled hatred, they make all possible attempts to justify rapes, murders, and lynching, which is doubtlessly shameful.

They celebrated it, naming it as violence between BJP Vs. MTC, or can say Hindu Vs. Hindus. Tmc leader Mahua Moitra took a jibe on this bloodshed and shared a post that was apparently enough to interpret what she was exactly willing to imply.

This violence is not just post-election violence. It’s beyond this. When violence erupted, only the shops of Hindus were plundered and vandalized, resulting in the groups of Hindus left Bengal and sojourned in Assam, where govt has set refugee camps for them. The question arises, is this violence for wiping Hindus who supported BJP away from Bengal? Or embedding ineluctable fear in the chest of voters who voted against TMC? This violence has apparently these two purposes.

Mamta Banerji kept mum until the media houses, which are not financially cradled by her, questioned her about the violence in the state after huge pressure, where she easily rebuffed this news and accused BJP of everything happening in Bengal,

Shouting “it’s BJO’s pro-pa-ganda” loud.

News channels which are considered unbiased are busy filming the scenes of pyres and selling the heartwrenching pictures on Getty Images. These pictures are being used by international magazines, which are helmed by Indian leftist writers whose only purpose of being alive now is delineating India in a bad way on international platforms.

As the violence continues, reminding us of the Kashmiri Hindu exodus. A vast amount of fake news is being circulated, saying no rape happened, no one died or lynched. IT cell of TMC is vigorously disseminating false information about violence, circulating fake videos. Currently, What is really perplexing is why national media is silent. Fact-checkers who generally paddle fake news are currently fact-checking the pictures and videos of violence and brazenly giving TMC a clean chit as if this country has Supreme Court on Twitter. Besides, Whoever questions their lies is labelled Bhakt, or Sanghi.

Although the violence has impacted every other political party, yet only BJP and CPIM are condemning this unprecedented violence against Bengali manush. Cpim seems confused and abashed, though. Journalists, writers, actors who vociferate against fascism whenever anything which doesn’t suit their propaganda happens, declare that democracy in the country is dead. Now they are behaving like Ostrich with their heads in the sand. Fascism is clouting democracy in the face in Bengal, no one thinks it deserves huge outrage. The journalists are scared of Tmc. Media houses are terrified of going in Bengal and ask questions to the govt as to why its administration has collapsed to protect citizens and maintained the harmony of the state. And why is there laxity in handling situations of violence in the state?

This violence is an example of fascism. People were killed, women raped, People are being coerced to leave the state. The state where democracy has been maimed is under a conceited woman who trows that guns and bombs can make people vote for her. Her insatiable appetite for power is making her destroy the state of people who sacrificed their lives for the country and the democracy she is stifling with violence.

On social platforms, if anyone could muster his/her courage to comment on this violence, their accounts were immediately suspended in a couple of minutes. Those who sing the song of fascism every day are engrossed in sharing sophistry about this violence. A group of intellectual liberals who swiftly jump on the roads to protest against all kinds of issues happening in the country to besmirch the govt were recently seen to be exhilarated. These people who never get tired of lecturing on freedom of expression were delighted when twitter suspended Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s account. They had accused BJP of controlling the platforms when Facebook banned them from posting for using some derogatory and despicable hashtags.

The political power which is given by democracy shouldn’t blind someone this much that they end up behaving like a dictator and try to silence people. They must remember When the muffled silence breaks fetters, it is louder than thunder. It’s explicit that CM is making all efforts possible to control and shut the mouths with violence and sophistry paddled by its mouthpieces. However, this hateful Furore is the sunup of fascism which is acquainted with liberalism. Meanwhile, The central govt is victimizing itself as though it doesn’t have the power to do anything in order to protect the people of Bengal. They are running away from their responsibility, as now they are expected to do something. The majority is waiting for the BJP govt to act strongly against this state-sponsored violence. Whereas, all they are doing is Dharna, forgetting that when state govt forgets to do its duty, it’s the central govt which has been given the power to use in order to reestablish law and order, especially in states like Bengal where law and order hardly exist anymore.

Bengal violence is quite horrible; it is sending shivers down the spines of people who are unfortunately experiencing and have been scorched by the pitiless fire of violence which is being fueled daily. While the democracy sobs beholding the brutally murdered people, dangling from the gallows.

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