The Effects of Thankfulness in leadership

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Today, leaders say ‘Thank You’ mainly as a matter of formality or courtesy. Do we mean when we say ‘Thank You’ to someone, ask yourself this question and expect honest answers? A ‘Thank You’ these days is taken only as a sign of manners and good behavior. The authentic meaning of ‘Thank You’ is overlooked in modern society. We should recognize the natural science behind these two pure yet great words. When uttered from the heart, a ‘Thank You’ is very potent and can create enchanting effects.

Here are three ways a ‘Thank You’ produces fundamental changes in a leader’s life.

  1. Puts a full stop to your ego:  Thanking someone is a great way to move away from the ego. Our mind often involves chattering, like why somebody offended us, and then we plan to avenge that. Life has become a frantic race, we keep on confronting ourselves with others, and as a result, we are never satisfied – our identity is lost due to confrontation and comparison with others. It is the ego that causes unhappiness and worry. It makes us narrow and thus buries the doors of growth and learning. When we show our appreciation towards someone, we consider that individual more significant than ourselves; this instantly kills the ego and makes us content. When our lives cause any harm to anyone, be it emotional or physical, we should immediately feel sorry about that. Don’t ever think of yourself as worthy of being Thanked and never complain about anything. Whenever anyone says ‘Thank You’ to you, show gratitude towards that individual and be thankful instead for giving you an opportunity to serve.
  2. Attracts People and Develops Bond: Gratitude brings everyone closer. It makes you acceptable and humble in society. An appreciative person will always be compassionate and kind, and a kind person will be grateful. This course will never fail – perhaps like a happy oscillation. There cannot be any other way. A ‘Thank You’ is true if spoken without any conditions or expectations. Don’t be appreciation deprived; cultivate an attitude of thankfulness. Always pray to God for the well-being of others and express gratefulness, gratitude, and affection for the people, even your employees, and things surrounding you. A ‘Thank You’ should also be expressed towards plants and animals, as they give so much to us without demanding something in return. As leaders, we must learn this habit because it is something incredibly great and because thankfulness helps a lonely leader beat loneliness by building new relationships.
  3. Thankfulness increases productivity: A study shows that gratitude results in an increase of 60% of extra help offered in the workplace. Trust me, that’s no small thing. Besides being so important, this additional 60% of help comes with more motivation and energy, a more positive attitude, and more enthusiasm to do it all over again the more “thank you” we receive. Appreciate increases productivity in the workplace, and so, thank your employees for all the small and big steps they take in order to help you come closer to success in your entrepreneurship and leadership journey. 

So, don’t wait a week or two or even a day to two to say thank you. Go out, thank everyone with all your heart. It will put a full stop to your ego, attracts people, and develop a bond, and it will increase office productivity. It won’t cost anything, but it does have a healing touch.

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