Taurus Weekly Horoscope 30th May– 5th June 2021


Love and Relationships

You should be humble with your partner. Harsh communication and aggression can lead you into an argument with your partner. It can make your situation more challenging. There may be challenges in your marital life which will need your attention. You should plan a small trip with your partner, it will give you quality time to understand your relationship. There may be a sudden break-up or challenges in your married life, you should resolve the issue with patience. A love relationship will demand more commitment. You should not miss celebrating small events with your partner. You can meet at your in-laws.


You may get success in a course that you are pursuing from a foreign country. You may succeed in medical entrance exams. There will be an inclination to learn a new language or acquire religious knowledge. This week is going to bless you with valuable moral education which is going to be the foundation of your coming success. You should be disciplined and determined with your aims, this way you will get success and attain your goals. Avoid using electronic gadgets so that you do not get sleep disturbances. It is not the time to just dream about your future, rather you should work hard and with persistence. Be positive in your work.


You should be regular with the morning and evening walk. You should avoid heavy exercises and don’t try anything without an expert’s suggestion. Avoid eating outside and include leafy vegetables in your diet. You should not miss your breakfast and be on time with your lunch and dinner. This will keep you healthy and energetic. You may have indigestion problems and it can cause you weak health. Try to cultivate positive thoughts. This may give you good health. You may get insomnia, which can affect your health. Avoid using electronic gadgets and wear glasses while using a laptop or going outside.


The gains that you make in real estate business may not be as per your expectations. In the coming days, you should be careful in money matters. Savings may be lesser than your expectations. You should not be in haste while making any financial decision. It is not a good time to give money as a loan to others. You may get financial help from your father this week as Moon transit is underway. Learning new courses can cause your expenditures. Your mother’s guidance will give you good financial gains in business. You will save a good amount of money. You will get good financial guidance from an expert. A previous investment will give you financial gains.


You should be calm and avoid getting into unnecessary discussions. This week you should be cautious with your plan & strategy because there may be a sudden change in plan or cancellation of the business deal. Don’t breach your rules and fulfil the promises of your business partner. You may get good returns in finance and also succeed in your business. An important business deal is going to finalize this week. You may go out on a long-distance trip to a foreign land. Business investments will give you success. Those who are looking for a job may not get the expected results so you are advised to do hard work.

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