Taurus Weekly Horoscope 2nd May – 8th May 2021


Love and Relationships

This week may throw some challenges in terms of your relationships. You may go through a few difficulties in relationships. Your speech and commitment would play a major role. Keep a check on your anger and avoid communicating during that time. Individuals who are handling some legal matters associated with your relationship concerns may fail to get the desired outcome. There are chances of conflicts which may strain the relationship. It is advisable to steer clear from unnecessary discussions as it may cause stress. Take your family’s help and guidance for the betterment of your relationship. A humble behaviour with your partner would be needed.


Luck would be on your side. You must obey the suggestions and guidelines of your tutors and parents to get success. You may earn a good reputation in your friend group if you pursue new learning this week. There are chances of victory in a creative and imaginative plan. You may get helpful tips from your friends and elder siblings, which may be beneficial for you. Projects and matters related to higher studies are likely to be favourable. Sincere efforts and active participation is needed in competitive events and new projects. Planetary transits suggest that you need to have proper revision of your subjects this week.


A new fitness routine would deem beneficial for your health and immune system. Workload may lead to stress, hence it is advisable to do meditation. You may get health problems while on a trip. Have a good diet plan and keep all the necessary things needed to keep you healthy during a journey. Emotional turmoil may give you some health concerns this week. Aggressive mood and tension may also give you difficult times. Emotional issues may lead to depression, hence try to be busy with work as much as possible so that you do not overthink about situations. Workload may make you a bit exhausted.


This week is likely to give average results in money and finances. You would experience inflow as well as some expenses. You may need to spend your finances on a trip to overseas land. Stars may shower bright chances of appraisal in the job, which would make you happy. Spending on buying books or material on new courses may help you progress in your career. Business-related trips are likely to fetch you some financial profits. There are chances that you may earn a good deal from work related to writing or posting videos on a digital channel. Any past investment may fetch you some financial gains.


The stars are in favour of you, hence you may take some risks in your office. But ensure that they are done with strategic planning and execution. Keep yourself calm and avoid getting hostile with others in your office. This week may give you golden chances to be in your best gears at your workplace. In total, this week may keep you on your toes. You are likely to get promoted due to the sincerity and determination you put forth in work. You may get some great business propositions. Working on foreign projects is on the cards for you as well. Moreover, you may get shortlisted for an interview or get fruitful results in a crucial examination.

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