Taurus Weekly Horoscope 23rd– 29th May 2021


Love and Relationships

This week you should be cautious in your relationships. As for married couples, you should not become aggressive over small things. Give sufficient space to your partner so that things stay peaceful in your relationship. There may be a small celebration in the family which will bring you closer to your near and dear ones. Some of you may get a relationship proposal at your native place. And you may even get married in a very short time. You should take out some time and analyse your commitment before taking an important decision. Love birds may face sudden disagreements in thoughts which can increase your stress.


You will need hard work & determination in your studies. The possibility of clearing competitive examinations is not very bright. The guidance that you get from elders & mentors will help you this week. Stars foretell that if you get distracted in studies, it can cause hurdles in your academic performance. If you are doing research work, you will be successful in your efforts. You may learn occult science or may plan to join a meditation class. Avoid being argumentative with your siblings. You will get good guidance from your friends and siblings in education and career. You should follow their suggestions to attain success in your academics. If you acquire new skills, you will get success in your overall development.


Spicy food may not be good for your health. Also, you should take good care of your mother’s health. You may feel stressed because of the workload which can cause you strain and headache. Arguments can also cause health challenges. You may face an emotional set back which can cause you physiological challenges. Don’t use electronic gadgets before you go to sleep, it can disturb your sleeping pattern and lead to health issues. An old/ prolonged disease can cause you a tough time. You may develop migraine problems. You should be hygienic and cautious especially during your outings.


It is not a favourable time to make any major investment. There can be property disputes in your family which can cause you financial losses. You will have to pay taxes, which will lessen your savings and investments. You may earn rich dividends from a past investment. You may also get money or financial benefits from your in-laws. You may learn occult science or some religious texts, which may be somewhat expensive. Besides, you may have to spend on your spouse, to fulfil his/her long-pending needs. There may be family get-togethers and parties, which can cause expenditures. You may get your house’s interior renovated, which may be a little expensive.


It’s a good week to clear all the pending work in your business. You can make some changes in your business plan which can cause unplanned expenditures. Ensure that you analyse your plan before you send it for execution. You may get a new colleague at your workplace. There may be a get-together with the employees of a different company. You may procure a good business project or deal. There may be disagreements between you and your office colleagues because of divergent thoughts. You should work with patience and be positive. Your aggressive behaviour and impolite words can damage your relationships in the workplace.

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