Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 2nd May – 8th May 2021

Love and Relationships

There are indications of you landing in a romantic relationship, as an interesting person may draw your attention. However, it would be beneficial to ensure that it is not an infatuation, so that you don’t get disappointed. Avoid bringing anything that is easy going towards the relationship. Keep your emotions in check at the start of finding new love, and initiate by sowing the seeds of a long, loving, and mutually pleasant relationship. Married couples may get into some silly disagreements. Remain cautious so that you can save the relationship from straining. You are likely to get some good news in your family.


This week may be difficult for you to gain sufficient learning, but gradually you may find some achievements in your academics. Your sincere efforts will help you reap good fruits this week. If you are thinking of learning a language, then this week may turn out to be favourable to enroll in some classes. A few of you may find a proficient teacher who can improve your fate by helping you to enhance your understanding. Students undergoing higher education or getting ready for competitive exams will be encouraged to study harder. Give time for revision on the subjects that seem a bit vague.


The week has some opportune times in store for you to keep an eye on the health of your close ones, family members and social groups. You may be happy to experience a vitality in your health. But a few loved ones may be suffering from ailments during this time without being aware of it. Be careful for signs if the people close to you are not doing well and bring it to their attention immediately. They may need your care and this may improve your connection. They would be highly grateful that you helped them. Try to remain calm in this situation.


This week is likely to bring balance in your personal life, and also support you to blossom in your financial matters. You would be able to fetch notable profits from your past investments. Stars may deem to be beneficial for your monetary matters and this can come as a surprise for you. Gradually, things may start falling into place and, this week, you may head towards fine growth and development on the financial front. It would be significant to enhance your fortune by investments. Immense luck may be favouring in your financial matters, which may get you back on the track.


Professionally, this week may turn out to be optimistic and active for you. This may also be true for those who have been employed in big organisations. A few of you may find yourself flooded with lucrative opportunities at the workplace. If you are searching for a new job, you might get fortunate with it. Things are likely to remain in your favour, and at times even the unexpected opportunities can give you comfort when it comes to your career. Self-employed individuals may also have a hit in their weekly work. Don’t take your boss’s advice as an offense, but use it for your upliftment in your office.

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