Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 9th– 15th May 2021


Love and Relationships

The charm of Venus is likely to come in your life very strongly this time. Sagittarius people are known to be a bit hard in their expression when the interaction is about love and romance. This is a favourable time to sort out any differences and work together to improve your relationship. All the clashes that may have prevailed can be ceased. This also holds true for those who are married. The week is beneficial for individuals looking for a suitable alliance. Some of you are also likely to get married this week. In a nutshell, you would gain planetary blessings in your personal life this week.


The week is favourable for students going for higher studies. If you are attempting a board exam, you are likely to do well in that. Efforts and hard work can only promise you successful results. Give your best to be in the focused gear and avoid distractions using social media or chats. For parents, it is advisable to explain to their children that stressing about their performance would not be helpful. There are chances that your fear can make you tense about your children. If you are appearing in any professional exam, this deems to be a lucrative phase. Your efforts would bring good results.


Wellbeing is vital for you and a few of you may slowly keep all ill habits at bay. From this week onwards, some of you would plan to find alternatives to your addictions. You are likely to suffer from some muscle problem. There are chances of losing your martial skills. This week it is advisable to ensure that you have a minimum of 8 hours sound sleep. In addition, some of you may restore your meditative practices which would be enhancing. This would improve your focus and turn out to be a tonic for emotional disturbances.


Money and finance may go through a little change this week. Those who had done investments in the past are likely to see their returns coming smoothly. However, if you invest in the upcoming project, they may fail to be rewarding. A few of you will need to wait for the forthcoming work and it may give you less than the desired returns. Stay focused and avoid letting your investments go faulty. If you are into business, seeking credit deems to be beneficial this week. You may get the best course of money at a better rate of interest. If you are on the lookout for grants and subsidies, the results are likely to be favourable.


In matters of career and business, the week seems to be good. If you are looking for expansion, this may take some time. Some of your projects may be held back from execution in the current situation. This is not a setback, but rather a sign to wait for the right time. Business trips are foreseen for a few of you. The outcome may be moderate, but some of the meetings would be beneficial and futuristic. It is advisable to put your expert team on the project and make them do the detailing work. You may be happy with the outcome. Also, this week may offer an increase in status for some of you.

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