Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 30th May– 5th June 2021


Love and Relationships

Romantically this may be a good week. Office colleagues who are dating each other for a long time may finally consider tying up the nuptial knot. You may lead a good life after marriage. The natives who are already married will witness improvement in their relationship. The two of you will understand each other very well and strive towards a common goal. You and your spouse, you invest in a real estate property this week. The decision will be very rewarding, you may come closer to your life partner.


Learning may be a difficult exercise for some students. You may face some sluggishness in your learning. Concepts may not be clear to you. You should seek the help of your preceptors who will give you a better idea about the same. Some old issues can become a barrier in your life. Your past failures will continue to cause you a lot of worries. But you should not worry more than is required and instead focus on your studies. There is a strong possibility that students who are pursuing law may get an internship opportunity. You may do well therein.


You may be worried about your health and your diet. You may work on the nitty-gritties of practising a healthy lifestyle. It will be a good week to initiate your plan and put your ideas into practice. Some of you may be worried about your fitness plan. Especially because you have been travelling extensively and are unable to focus on your health. Inadequate sleep is another problem which may affect your productivity. Some of you may be disturbed by your poor concentration in yoga or meditation. This may put you in a difficult situation on the health front.


Moneywise, this week may be quite interesting. Some of you may work on reducing your expenses while others may work on improving your income. On both fronts, you may be successful in your efforts. After having a bitter experience with your lending habits, some of you will be more careful about their spendings now. You may not lend at all or shall be very clear with the terms and conditions of lending. Some of you may demand an additional clause in the agreement. Your request will be heeded and you will be happy with your achievements.


On the career & business front, the week will be okay. You may be into things such as paying taxes and filing your returns. There is a possibility that some of you may not be interested in any new initiative. This can delay your plans and accomplishment of your goals. You should not be displeased with your efforts. Some of you may plan to work on your dreams. It can take a toll on your health as your efforts will not yield the right results. If you are looking to settle down in a foreign country, you may not get the required success.

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