Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 2nd May – 8th May 2021


Love and Relationships

The week deems beneficial for those in search of a new partner. You may find your mate approaching from a familiar group. This indicates that the person can be your friend or an associate too. Surprise, you both may also fall in love before you know it! This is due to the planet of love, Venus being in waxing phase, you can’t ask for more. Relationships may be improving and this will motivate you. Individuals who are looking for a perfect partner in marriage can check for positive alliances. There is also a probability of getting engaged with each other.


Learning is crucial and you may be eager to gain knowledge about the shades of learning. This may be a noteworthy week for many of you, and you may be able to fully learn the variations. Work hard and avoid taking any kind of shortcuts as they can turn to be risky. If you are taking coaching classes on a skill, then this week would encourage you. You may get enough support from your peers who can help you learn the subject with all required details. There are chances that you may abstain from looking forward to pursuing higher studies.


Party time is on the cards for a few natives. But this may impact your routine, as your food habits and sleep may get hampered. If you are not into a job related to traveling, then ensure that you take some rest amidst work to avoid minor illnesses. Allergy may trouble some of you this week. Some of you may need to keep a proper diet. You must avoid having oily food as well. else it can invite some issues. Natives who have a habit of eating sweets regularly, need to check their sugar level. This is crucial as there may be ups and downs in your sugar levels.


Peer to peer lending may play a significant role this week. A few of you would register with a well known P2P lending portal and conduct transactions formally. This would inspire you, as you may take this wonderful opportunity to receive rewarding returns. Such circumstances would make you happy about the way your finances get diversified and distributed among the bouquet of investments. It is advisable to remain cautious about your investments. This phase is beneficial for a few of you to earn from known sources.


Many of you are driven by career goals in this zodiac sign, and may have been extremely inclined in taking your career graph upwards. Your dedication and efforts in boosting your career through different means would not only encourage you, but also allow you to improve professional status. A few of you may be content with the respect you receive from your seniors. You may get a pat on your back this time. There are chances of earning gift vouchers too, as a token of appreciation for your hard work. You must accept this in a sober way as your peers would be proud of your achievements.

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