Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 23rd– 29th May 2021


Love and Relationships

Are you in love with someone? If yes, then this week will make you express your love and concern for your loved one whole-heartedly! You may expect his/her reciprocity at the earliest. If not, then have some patience. Your partner may take the opportune moment to express himself/herself. Some of you are eligible bachelors. You may be looking out for a suitable partner and you may find him/her during this week. Marriage may be on cards for such individuals. If you are married, ensure you do not forget your anniversary date during the week. Or else you can be accused of being indifferent in relationships.


It will be a remarkable week for some of you who want to pursue studies of your choice. If you are planning a Masters degree in the subjects of Accountancy, Finance, Mathematics, Statistics etc., it will be very rewarding. If you are planning to write any thesis in an international journal, you will succeed in your endeavour. Your efforts towards applying knowledge into practical purpose will be much appreciated. Thus, this is a good week for students who will work hard and even work smart. Some of you may master the language skills. Besides, you are likely to get an internship program this week. You should try to learn practical skills as well.


Health and wellbeing are important and many of you will give importance to the same this week. An infection in your stomach can be bothersome initially. Diet will be the prime reason for the infection. It will affect your fitness and put you in a difficult situation. Be very careful about your diet. If you are undergoing dental treatment, it will be somewhat sluggish in completely recovering from the same. And if you do not start the treatment this week, the situation may worsen. Some delay is likely. Until then, do follow home therapy for containing the dental pain.


Financially, this week will be a mixed bag. Both pleasant and unpleasant developments are likely. Some of you may see a rise in income while others may experience a rise in expenditures. Mercury is good for some of you but for some others, it may lead to temptations and thus it may increase the expenses. Make an account of the expenditure which you have been making. Some of you may invest in valuable gems. Do purchase them, only after taking an expert opinion or else you may end up incurring a big loss in your investment.


This is a wonderful week for those who are planning to work on independent and high-risk projects. Cash flows will come in easily to help you if any project is put on halt. You will remain happy and comfortable. Some of you may plan to start a limited liability partnership business. This will be a good idea, however, make sure that you join hands with someone trustworthy. Also, see to it that there is a written agreement in the new partnership business which you are going to undertake. A new initiative towards expanding existing business can be put on halt for some time. You can revisit it a little later.

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