Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 16th– 22nd May 2021


Love and Relationships

Love and relationships are significant and you would give value to them. Some of you may get interested in entering a new relationship, after a consequential and strenuous end to the previous one. However, this time you would have clarity in your expectations and hence, you may be happy to keep the air of romance and love flowing with your partner. Marriage is on the cards for some of the eligible bachelors. Planets and stars may start turning in your favour. The week is fruitful to take your family for a small outing. Married people would be serious and keenly interested in this.


Students taking higher studies are likely to perform fairly this week. A few natives may get a chance to travel abroad to get admission in desired universities. However, this can be a tough week for those who are yet to attempt any competitive exams. Scores may be lesser than your expectation, particularly if you are taking up an online assessment program. There is a likelihood for some of you to go for expert’s counselling. They would be interested in helping you to understand about your future course of action. This will enable you to be factual and clear in your decision-making process.


When you listen to the word wellbeing, you are eager to share your views and tips as per your experience. But this is not the time to do so. Only if you are an expert, can you try giving such ideas. Those suffering from diabetes have to strictly avoid eating sweets. You may land in trouble if you are not cautious, as your health may have a downfall. Some of you would create a diet plan during this week. Consuming more fluids may become part of your routine which is beneficial. You would be able to control your weight with this but may be at loss of the required nutrition. Consult an expert to have a nutritious diet.


The week seems beneficial to invest in safe harbors. You may do some research before investing your finances.this would enable your gains to remain fairly high. Some of you would be joyful to earn money from real estate. Income from rent may be raised and you may enjoy the benefits of a steady increase in the same. Individuals waiting to get bonus or incentives are likely to qualify for it. Hence, you would have an interesting and wonderful life this week. If you are looking out to clear a loan or settle it, you can negotiate and it may be successful.


Your career would be interesting this week. However, for some of you, this may be a discouraging time. You may need to search for another option apart from the one you are occupied in. This may be due to a lack of admiration or recognition that you deserve at the workplace. It is advisable not to make hasty decisions, else you may regret them afterwards. There are chances that some of you may work on the opportunity of self-employment in your career this week. Make sure that it is executed with proper planning, in a systematic manner and not suddenly.

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