Revisiting the Alvarez case that Shook the World


The Álvarez incest case, an infamous and perhaps the worst of them all, was uncovered late March 2009 CE when 59-year-old Arcedio Álvarez was arrested in Mariquita, Colombia, accused of sexually abusing and imprisoning his daughter Alba Nidia Álvarez over 25 years, beginning from when she was just nine years old. The daughter also reportedly gave birth to 14 kids, 6 of whom died for lack of regular medical care.


Arcedio Álvarez Quintero (1950 CE–⁠2011 CE) was a convicted sex offender and child molester from Mariquita, Colombia. He grew up typically farming with his family, becoming a sort of a farmer himself as an adult.

In 2009 CE, Álvarez was prosecuted for abusing and molesting his biological daughter for years, resulting in 14 kids, 6 of whom died due to lack of proper care and malnutrition. Álvarez insisted that his crimes were part of “God’s plan” and denied any biological relationship to the victim, but the court later disproved this after evidence of his biological relationship to the victim via a DNA test.


After the untimely death of Álvarez’s wife, he starts to abuse his young child Nidia. The rapes are thought to have begun when she was about seven years old and continued for approximately 26 years, resulting in 14 abnormal pregnancies, the first when Nidia was just around 13 years old.


Arcedio Álvarez was captured in March 2009 CE, after Alba Nidia had managed to leave with six (abandoning two for unexplained reasons) of her kids and found herself living in absolute poverty. She then spoke to a Child Welfare worker about the sexual abuse she had suffered for almost 30 years. District councilwoman Gilma Jiménez made the desperate conditions in which Alba and her kids lived with her father and how poor their life was. The inquiry later revealed that many in Colombia’s rural area where they lived knew of the unusual things occurring and had not said anything about it.

When the matter first came to light, Álvarez frequently claimed that Alba Nidia was just an adopted child. However, numerous lab tests proved that Alba Nidia was indeed Álvarez’s consensual daughter. He also claimed that he and Alba Nidia had a loving, loving romantic relationship.

During the inquiry, Álvarez needed police protection when visiting his court dates due to the anger the community felt toward him. He was found guilty of many crimes against his daughter and her kids and was later sentenced to a minimum of fifteen years in prison. However, Álvarez collapsed and died in 2011 CE.

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