Pisces Weekly Horoscope 9th– 15th May 2021

Love and Relationships

You may face a communication gap. In your love life, messages and phone calls would play a big role to strengthen your relationship. You may face a tricky time in love life. Emotional setbacks and communication gaps may bring you stress. Transit of planets forecasts that you may get worried in your conjugal life. In the ending part of the week, you may make a new friend who resides far. Keep interactions on to strengthen your relations. There are chances of family get-togethers. Small celebration at home would make you joyful. It would also enhance your marital relationship with the blessings of parents and elders.


You may get fruitful results in a career related to finance and banking. If you are into a writing career, it would also be successful. Engineering students would get support from their tutors and seniors. You would be able to learn new subjects and succeed in exams with your hard work. Avoid being emotional while attempting an interview. Sports and arts students are likely to learn many helpful tips from their mentors. Try to keep your thoughts positive and be in the company of good people. Self-study may get affected due to bad health. Hence take care of your eating habits. Maintain a proper diet and avoid using electronic gadgets before sleep.


You would have a sound health if you are joining a health course. Yoga classes would also keep you fit. Sleeping may get hampered due to workload and create health problems. Try spending quality time with your family as it may bring mental peace and help you to enjoy good health. You may need to take care of your mother’s health. Those who are in a career related to outdoor activities must take proper care of their arms and legs. They should also do special exercises that are needed. Natives working in a fashion field should avoid using excessive makeup or be careful about hygiene as this may bring health concerns.


This week is unfavourable in terms of expenses related to health. There may be enough savings this week, along with some unplanned expenditures. You are likely to get financial support from siblings. You need to plan for your expenses and make a shopping list this week. This would help you in saving some money. Lack of understanding and tension in the family about property matters may affect the finances this week. You should remain patient and be analytical about the situation to make decisions. You may get financial support from your mother. You may spend on study material and items for project work.


There are chances of short distance trips related to your job. Your superiors at your workplace may help you. You may face tricky situations in the office due to a female colleague. Implement a creative idea in your business and this may help you achieve the needed financial gains this week. Career related to media and writing may give you success. You would be recognised in the office due to your innovative ideas. There are chances of transfer. You may find yourself in a challenging situation at the workplace at the ending of the week. This may be due to incorrect information or miscommunication. Hence, you should be cautious with every email and paperwork.

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