Pisces Weekly Horoscope 30th May– 5th June 2021

Love and Relationships

It’s a good week to propose to someone whom you like. Besides, you should give space to your love partner so that there is more mutual understanding. You should not get into an argument and try to maintain your cool. There may occur an emotional gap between you and your partner. Singles may get a good marriage proposal. You may go out on a small trip or pilgrimage with your partner. This trip may rejuvenate your married life. You may also get to meet the family members of your love partner.


If you want to pursue an education in a foreign country, you will get success this week. If you are interested in religious work or meditation, you may pursue it academically. Besides, you can get inclined towards learning occult science. The students should not get stuck into a dream only. This week you should give your best to get the desired results. If you are into research work or pursuing medical education, you are likely to get success. If you are pursuing the engineering course, you may have to change your residence. You may leave your residence to get admitted to a foreign country. Avoid the wrong company and don’t get aggressive this week as it can affect your studies.


You may get fever which will make you weak. Sleeping comfort may get disrupted because of change in the workplace. Workload and stress can cause health issues. Avoid getting aggressive as it can cause health challenges. You should also replace your junk food with leafy vegetables and juicy fruits. It will give you a boost to build your immunity. Pregnant women should take care of their diet to avoid any complications. Also, avoid self-medication and be cautious of skin-related infection. Your health may improve in the last phase of this week.


During this week, your expenses may be more than your savings. You may also incur health expenses. You may go out shopping to buy things related to puja, which you may organise sometime soon. This week you may also invest in your offshore (foreign countries) business. You should be cautious if you are investing a major chunk of money in buying a property in a foreign country. You may incur sudden expenses on repairing the interior of your home and getting it changed. There can be a small celebration at home which can cause some expenses. Besides, you may incur expenses, if you are getting admitted to new courses. Also, you may go out to buy grooming stuff or electronic gadgets.


If you are pursuing a project in a foreign country, you may be successful. Besides, if you are working in a charitable or religious organisation, you will get the desired success. Your business trip may also give you success. You may make financial gains from a new business deal. You may get recognition at the workplace or you may get selected in an interview. If you have a positive attitude in business or job, you will get the expected success. You may get the much-needed guidance and help from a business partner. You may change your residence because of a transfer or a new job.

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