Pisces Weekly Horoscope 2nd May – 8th May 2021

Love and Relationships

Try to curb ego and conflicts in your love and romance. It may strain the relationship further. Those who are single may get marriage alliances, which may be from a friend or office colleague. Exchange of gifts and memorable moments is on the cards in your love life. There are chances of some miscommunication with your partner in the latter part of the week. Hence you need to remain clear with your partner’s needs and desires. Your conjugal relationship may be stressful because of your spouse’s health issues. You may be unable to spend quality time with your mate.


Use this week to clear the backlogs related to your studies and examinations. You may get distant from your studies. Avoid overuse of electronic gadgets and try to connect with nature. It can help you rejuvenate your mind and health. Engineering students may get good support from their mentors and seniors. Take your studies seriously to learn new subjects or succeed in the exams. Avoid being emotional while giving an interview. You may get the desired results in the competitive exams. You may be interested in gaining religious or spiritual knowledge. You would get fruitful results in research related work and projects.


This week you need to take proper care of your health and immunity. Have the right food intake, that is on time, and also start exercise regularly. Heart and blood related problems may bring challenges. It is advisable to get medical checkups done if you have a chronic disease. You may feel stressed due to relationship concerns and workload. Avoid silly discussions and work towards your priority tasks this week. Avoid travelling as the stars are unfavourable in terms of health. Your horoscope is hinting that you may go close to nature and enjoy sound health. Changes in diet would enhance your health.


This week may incur you some expenses related to routine work. It can be either on renovation or a change in house. You may need to renovate your house, which may take up some budget. Be careful while making any large investments in land and property by keeping all the needed details. You might get interested in religious activities which may give expenses in those areas. You may also spend on a gym class. There are chances of getting financial assets from your maternal family. Some unplanned expenses may occur for buying gifts and small family gatherings. Avoid taking loans this time.


Planetary transits predict that you may become workaholic this week. You need to set a priority list, which may give you a hassle-free time. There are chances of some challenges in the workplace. Sudden conflict with your senior may cause disturbance. You may get a sudden loss in business. Hence, avoid opting for big changes in your business plan. A deal with a foreign client may enhance your prospects in a great manner. You may experience a sudden change in your office or a new member may join your workplace. Keep your approach practical and it would help you in your career. You may take a long distance trip in relation to your job.

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