Libra Weekly Horoscope 9th– 15th May 2021

Love and Relationships

It is predicted that your partner may remain out of reach for some time to fulfil work commitments. Due to this distance, you may be unable to meet your partner regularly. However, there are many channels of communication to remain in touch. Hence, you are unlikely to miss each other and stay connected in the relationship. You may have prevalent thoughts going on for a while, which may have an influence on your love life. There are chances of coming up with fresh ideas to appease your beloved often. You may admit your partner’s value, and there would be a boost in the love and affection between you.


Education and learning may remain fulfilling for most of you this week. You are likely to come out with flying colours through your efforts. If you are considering a part-time work option along with your studies, ensure that you do not distract your focus from the studies. The week is also favourable for those who are planning to pursue higher studies in Masters, M.Phil or PhD in the area of specialization they wish to opt. Those waiting for the final results of application may get the support of planets this week. You may try to get permits for research, if you wish to pursue education from an overseas university.


The week would remain average as far as health is concerned. If you have been suffering from any long term ailment, you may get some amount of relief. On the other hand, you may get affected by new illnesses if you have an irregular diet routine and lifestyle. Hence, you need to take care of your health and hygiene during this week. Have a relaxation time for your mind and avoid overthinking, which can result in fatigue. This can also prove to be toxic to your overall long term wellbeing. It is advisable to meditate regularly to maintain calmness in your mind and heart.


On the economic front, some of you may need to face the difficult times due to lack of good fortune this week. The good part is that the influence of Mercury in the 11th house would regularise the way your income flows. Moreover, the exalted Rahu placed in the same house may also produce new avenues of earning for you. As a result, your income level would remain normal and you can fairly handle your financial situation. Stay alert about getting into an argument with an influential person during this phase, which may be mainly related to finances.


Your weekly horoscope at the professional front shows that you may face delays in getting your tasks done in office. This can hamper your performance at the workplace. This is the phase when your authority and position within the workspace would receive an enhancement. However, you need to remain careful during this period, as overconfidence may lead you to commit some mistakes. This may have some adverse consequences in the future. In business, you may be at the receiving end but may get average results this week. Give the right direction to your strategic plans and avoid going for shortcuts in work.

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