Libra Weekly Horoscope 30th May– 5th June 2021


Love and Relationships

This week you will enjoy a great and inspiring time on the romantic front. Whether you are married, single or in a committed relationship, there may be some unexpected developments on the love front. This week the elders in your house will get convinced about the sincerity of your love towards your partner. If you are single, you may meet someone interesting at a family celebration. He or she may be a guest from some other family, someone whom you have never seen before. Marriage is likely for those who are eligible.


Education will be important for most of you this week. It may be a phase wherein you will show keenness initially and then the fizzle may dry out. Therefore, you may have to continually pump-up your confidence to ensure that you are not distracted. Or else you may get into serious trouble. If looking to attend any interview for admission to management institutes, you are likely to do well. You may get selected for the course and this will boost your confidence. The language skills will be your key strength this week.


You will enjoy your good health and well-being. This may be because of the attention and care that you have given to your health. You should drink plenty of water to avoid health problems. You won’t have any health issues and you may see yourself enjoying your days. However, some of you may have headaches and uneasiness which may be because of work stress. You should listen to divine music to get comfort. Kids and elders should be careful with their meals. If you are expecting to deliver a baby, this week may be crucial.


A financial setback is imminent if you do not watch your expenses closely. This week you may feel a little frustrated financially. You may buy something new either for yourself or for your family. You may even want to buy something even more expensive. However, you may stop yourself. There will come a time in the future for splurging on your loved ones, but this is not that time. Just be grateful that you can be as comfortable as you are. There is a possibility that you may get unexpected monetary returns from one of your friends.


Your career and professional life will need a lot of attention from you this week. You may find your work very challenging. Some new projects may come your way. They may add to your already overwhelming workload. You should try to keep up with it because if you meet all the goals, you will be in line for a lucrative promotion. If you are working as a professional, you may be quite busy with your new projects. Those who are looking for a job change will get good opportunities. For some of you, your influence may increase.

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