Libra Weekly Horoscope 16th– 22nd May 2021

Love and Relationships

For individuals who are in love, this week may prove to be auspicious. This week is more significant in particular, as your love life may head towards a new direction. Your romantic bond would get stronger as compared to before. Your love life may start blooming and prosperity would make you happy. You may also go on a journey with your partner and spend quality time with them. If you are married, this week may be a little challenging. Some ailments may occur during this time, giving way to mental tension. The situation is unfavourable for marital life, hence let this time pass by with patience.


Academics would remain stimulating for most students this week. You may be interested in learning something new and become more excited along the process. There may be some practical knowledge involved with this. Learning may end up being enjoyable and would also make you better than others who are weak in their studies. It is advisable to study using all methods of preparation. If you are attempting online exams, make sure you get good marks in that. It would raise your total grades. Those into the field of teaching would perform well this week. You would have enough confidence to deal with situations.


As far as your health is concerned, the week may be a little challenging. At the same time, the planet Mars would also be placed in the 8th house. These planetary positions may bring physical issues for you. Hence, it is advisable to stay extremely careful during this phase. Consult a medical practitioner for guidance even if a minor problem arises so that you can resolve it immediately. Minor cuts are foreseen for some of you this week. Ensure that you take the injury seriously as ignorance may bring septic problems and the time needed to heal may be prolonged.


In terms of your economic matters, it can be indicated that the week may remain average. In general, you need not worry about your financial condition during the first half of the week. This is because the position of Venus and Sun in the 11th house would keep the inflow of money intact. As a result, your economic problems may gradually slide in. In a nutshell, your expenses may remain on the elevated level and income is expected to remain average during the week. Hence, it is advisable to take each step cautiously and think twice before investing your finances.


In terms of your career, there may be situations that create some ups and downs. In general sense, the week may remain a bit challenging as your competitors may be determined to win over you. However, you need to keep focusing on your work as there are opportunities of getting favourable results. Your credibility, which may have been a little weak, would get better again and enable you to earn respect in the office. Seniors may support you and situations would slowly turn in your favour. Business people can reap benefits from their trade during this highly auspicious time. It is advisable to add more spark to your hard work.

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