Leo Weekly Horoscope 30th May– 5th June 2021

Love and Relationships

You may be emotionally irresponsible and your tendency to argue with others over silly matters will be high around this week. It can cause excessive emotionality during the first half of the week. There is a possibility that your feelings may easily get hurt. The period during the latter part of this week may help you revitalize your relationships and you may participate in various social activities. It may be the right time to widen your social circle and form new contacts. However, be wary of taking impulsive decisions as it may cause some misunderstanding or miscommunication.


As the week begins, planets will bring in a lot of disturbance and hence it will be difficult for you to keep your focus. However, you may have a lot of positive energy around the mid-week and your enthusiasm may lead you to success and satisfaction. The planets indicate that you will perform as per your true potential. If you are preparing to go abroad for studies, you will have enough planetary support to achieve your goals. You may make encouraging progress during the latter part of this week. Your mentors will praise you for your performance.


Some old health issues may disturb you around when the week begins. But gradually, as the week progresses, you may regain your fitness level. It may be a mistake not to take preemptive steps as the planets will also cause mental tension. The root cause for your illness will be some lacking in your mind. So, be regular and practice Yoga. Even undergoing healing treatments will help you avoid health problems. Though nothing serious is foreseen in your health, it may be better for you to remain attentive and not to overlook even minor issues.


There may be a gradual growth in your wealth along with increased materialistic gains during this week which will bring happiness in your life. Your financial status may become more stable. During this week, you may get back your pending dues. The latter part of this week will be a better period for you and your financial growth may increase. However, you should pay more attention to your financial planning as you may face certain pressure in commitment this time around. Besides, you must avoid making any big purchases otherwise you may feel the pressure on your financial budget.


This week will bring gradual improvement in your career. The mid-week phase will be very important and the event that may occur will have an intense impact on your career growth. It may be better to maintain a low profile and focus on the more important areas of your business, rather than getting distracted by less significant tasks. You may face complications in some areas and it will require careful handling during this phase. In the latter half of the week, you will make progress in your career. Some new opportunities will come your way.

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