Leo Weekly Horoscope 2nd May – 8th May 2021


Love and Relationships

Singles who are in love may be able to plan things during this week and impress their significant one successfully. You need to remain cautious as the over the top enthusiasm may keep you from seeing the true picture. Try to maintain your boundaries; and avoid going too close at the start of the relationship. In addition, it would be beneficial if you do not give any long term commitment this week. This phase is favourable to contemplate on the social balance of your relationship and lay a solid ground. This can help you create a relationship of meaning and purpose for the future.


Due to an amazing support of the planets, there are chances of learning things appropriately and memorising them strongly during this week. In turn, you would be able to make good progress as the week advances ahead. This is likely to be a period of progression for you and hence you should guide your energy in the proper direction. In this manner you can fetch the maximum benefits from the helpful planets. You would be able to finish your pending projects or assignments. This week would bring you relief and confidence in your overall work schedule.


There are good chances that your fitness levels and vitality would remain fine during this week. However, there may occur some issues with your digestive system and intestinal weakness which may hinder your energy levels. Hence, it is advisable to take precautionary measures, especially during the mid period of this week. There’s nothing to worry, as you would start recovering your vitality levels during the next phase of the week. But, it is important to be aware of your health as some tension may bring your energy levels down and raise digestion problems once again during the weekend.


At the start of the week, you would be interested in adopting new strategies to grow your financial prospects. However, the first phase of the week may be a bit challenging. Hence, it is advisable to write your priorities and do proper budget planning along with spending only on your needs. With enough discipline and control, you would be able to create security in your finances, especially after the mid phase. This will brighten your spirits and bring motivation to progress. Nurture due self-control, and your financial conditions would improve. The end of the week would help you solve some past monetary problems.


Some complex problems may keep you concerned at the start. But as the week advances, you would see fruitful results of your work. The week’s middle phase may deem to be very crucial and the event that takes place during that time may influence your career growth intensely. This period may need you to be patient to abstain from petty issues in your office. During the last phase of the week, you may set a trend in your professional field among some stringent difficulties. You may be able to control the situation in a better way during the last period.

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