Leo Weekly Horoscope 16th– 22nd May 2021

Love and Relationships

Though you may have favourable planetary support to appreciate your love life, you oversensitive reactions can bring imbalance or discomfort to you. It is advisable to look after yourself, as you may be affected by laziness and immoderation around the mid phase of this week. These things may show wrong signs. But you may have the strength to express your feelings in a proper manner during the last phase of the week. Your feelings would be amiable during the weekend and this would have a calming effect on your love life. This would help you remove doubts from your partner’s mind and enrich your love life.


You may have favourable support of the planets this week. But you may be scattering your energies in a lot of things. Lack of focus may affect your progress. Hurdles and delays may occur in many of the projects. However, you need to keep your confidence level and will power high. Additionally, it is advisable not to waste your time in laziness. This week asks you to work hard with utmost determination to overcome obstacles. Stars may be in your favour during the last phase, hence you can hope for the betterment in your performance slowly.


There are chances of annoying pain or old health issues bothering you at the initial phase of the week. It is advisable to take additional care and do some changes in your routine to keep up with your health. As the week moves ahead, you may regain your health along with an improvement in your fitness level gradually. However, it is important to be relaxed and avoid stress. Doing yoga and pranayama regularly would help you remain fit and fine during this time. The ending of the week may be fortunate to join a health club or gym to enhance your health condition.


Your smart moves may bring beneficial results during this week. There are chances of making some fine financial deals around the mid phase and this may boost your financial status. This deems as an equally favourable period to invest money for the long term. Utilise this supportive time positively and try to enhance your financial growth. You may handle financial or investment related matters wisely. But, some limitations can keep you from increasing your speed to attain financial goals during the last phase. You need to keep due care while offering credit or making crucial financial deals during the end of the week.


As the week starts, you may get favourable outcomes in your endeavours. You may have productive work and gain profitable results as the week advances. Around midweek, businessmen would be able to find resolutions for any pending issues. There may arise some brilliant opportunities amid a bit of resistance around the mid phase of the week. Your career may gain positive momentum during the last phase of the week. There are chances of getting additional authority based on your capability at your workplace. Planetary transits during the last phase of the week predict an escalating time for the business people too.

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