Jed North’s Activewear for Greater Athleticism

We have known the benefits of exercising for most of our lives. However, the increase in fitness culture has boomed in the last couple of years only. This can be credited to more fitness influencers flaunting their toned bodies, accessibility of gyms, and diversity in workouts. These tempt almost everyone to have a healthier lifestyle and to own a collection  of the latest activewear. Being fit is directly related to wearing fit. Activewear is now not just limited to the gym as more people have replaced it with their regular clothes. Clothing sense has power over our perceptions of ourselves and of others. It can reinforce the life choices that we aspire. Wearing a pair of trainers and leggings will get you in the zone of going for a run. Activewear companies have been targeting this mindset in their marketing campaigns. Amongst the plethora of options available, Jed North has made its place in the market of active apparel.

Unlike most brands that cost you an arm or a leg, Jed North provides affordable yet trendy activewear. The brand originated in Canada and now ships to 145 countries. Understanding the need of clients, they have expanded their business exponentially in the span of five years. Having started with a few products catering to traditional exercising only, they now have a unique line of clothes for fitness-oriented people. The needs of the fitness community are changing with more technologically advanced wear. Clothes are required to be breathable using cooling fabrics and material that enhances human physique like lycra and spandex. Their activewear is promoted by some of the leading social media influencers and is loved for their firm fit and trendy designs. They recently catered to interim lightweight champion Dustin Poirier in his fight against the infamous Khabib Nurmagomedov. They also have a pool of 1000 social media influencers across countries that are part of their activewear campaign.

The mastermind behind the company’s growing name is Jed Jin, who started the business in 2015 after being in the corporate world for a while. He targeted the gap in the market and pitched a collection that is trendy and affordable. Currently, the company launches a collection for bodybuilding, yoga, and calisthenics. Moreover, they have also introduced hoodies, dresses, and bodysuits.

Online community through JN TV and JN Nation

Many people who are new to fitness often find themselves lost in deciding what is best for them. This can be regarding the best clothes for their exercise routine to the food options that work for them. Instead of limiting their scope to the clothing line only, Jed North has developed a community through JN TV and JN Nation. They provide an online forum through JN TV where common issues regarding fitness like workout timings, easy nutritious meals, short exercise videos, and nutritional guidelines can be found. Apart from workout ideas for gym-goers, this platform also features collaborations with YouTubers that keep their audience entertained. Jed North Nation is another venture by the company that targets various issues regarding fitness. It is a weekly publication that features the latest trends. This includes blog posts by experts in the field, ranging from bodybuilding to yoga master—each helping regular gym-goers in their fitness journey. The articles also cater to clothing trends and common questions raised in the fitness community. Moreover, keeping the current situation in check, some articles help boost people in the time of the pandemic. They cater to issues regarding working out at home and provide options that work best under the given circumstances.

Jed North Physique War

The company has stepped up its game by introducing the Jed North Physique war. Unlike most physique wars that focus entirely on flaunting build on stage, this competition included strength and stamina test coupled with a social media presence and interview. It requires participants to compete in various exercises, including sprinting and weight-lifting. The jury picks a winner who is in the best shape, has a strong mind, and a tough mentality. Another daunting aspect of the competition is that the participants are challenged to flex and flaunt in random public places. The purpose of this segment is to assess how confident and comfortable contestants are in various social settings. After all these rounds, they are evaluated by the judges that are mostly bodybuilders, social media influencers, and experts in the field. Although the prize is of 10 thousand dollars only, the winner gets the perks of a sponsorship deal from the company. They also get features on Jed North’s official social media accounts along with accounts of the judges. The competition is open for all who are required to fly to Toronto, Canada, for two days. The aim of Physique war is to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle; hence, the criteria of winning is not based on how well one flexes but also on their mental framework. The previous Physique wars have been a success, and the company aims to host another one in 2022 once the Covid situation settles. They are planning to increase the cash price to 15 thousand USD to attract more contestants. The judges will be announced later in the year, along with YouTubers who will be promoting the event. Jed North aims to reach a bigger audience through promoting and broadcasting it on social media.

The company plans to expand its business by having offices in Miami and Florida to manage issues in the US. They have provided excellent services to their clients and continue to do so based on the vision they emerged with. They aim to be the go-to brand for fitness enthusiasts in all spheres. This is achievable if they continue to meet the needs of their customers. By creating unique designs that are pleasing to the eye and provides flexibility and mobility, they can compete with some of the leading names in activewear. Seeing the growing need for fitness apparel, this is achievable if they strategically plan their marketing campaigns coupled with introducing innovative designs.

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