Japanese toaster maker enters 5G smartphone business


(IANS) A Japanese company known for its stylish consumer appliances, especially toasters, is entering the smartphone business, and has announced to start with a 5G device.

Japanese design company Balmuda said in a statement this week that it has decided to enter the mobile terminal business (5G smartphone development and sales), which is a new product category.

The company which is better known for making “Balmuda The Toaster” that sells for 25,850 yen (about $235) said it is joining hands with Kyocera and SoftBank for the new 5G smartphone.

“Based on the experience and achievements cultivated in the home appliances business, we would like to propose new experiences and surprises unique to Balmuda even in the mobile terminal market, which is becoming more commoditised,” the company said.

“Since we are a fabless manufacturer that does not own our own factory, we will start our business with Kyocera Corporation as a manufacturing partner,” it added.

As a domestic telecommunications carrier, Balmuda is planning to sell a SIM-free model.

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