How to Paint Clay Pots?

potted plants in clay pots on windowsill

If you have many plants, either outdoors and indoors, you may get bored with the primary red clay pots. Painting clay pots can time due to the drying mechanism, but it’s simple and indeed worth it for the attached decoration. You’ll scrub and soak the pots before you start painting them. It’s also essential to seal the pot for moisture and use a clean primer for a first coat. You’ll be able to paint the pot with intricate design and simple colors, as well as seal it to be immune to outdoor environmental changes and corrosion.

DIY – Painting Clay Pots

Things Required

  1. Sanding Tool
  2. Base Coat Paint
  3. Water for soaking
  4. Clean Newspapers
  5. Jar
  6. Waterproof sealer
  7. All-purpose primer
  8. foam brushes
  9. Paint
  10. Acrylic sealer
  11. Patience


  1. Sand the pot to smooth any rough spots. This will smooth any rough regions on the pot and simplify your painting procedure. 
  2. Soak the pot for 1 hour.
  3. Next, apply the base coat. Do this outside of your home, in your garden, or backyard. Applying base coat 
  4. Scrub the pot with a brush. Use a clean scrub.
  5. Let the pot dry completely. This will take around six to eight hours. Keep it overnight for the best results. 
  6. Place the pot upside down on a jar after drying. Place them on a newspaper first to keep your tiles/backyard/garden clean. Remember, it takes lots of time to remove the paint from any surface, and so, it’s better if you use a newspaper.
  7. Seal with a waterproof sealer. Waterproof sealers are available online, or you can go out and shop for them. 
  8. Prime the pot with an all-purpose primer. All-purpose primers will help the pot withstand environmental conditions. 
  9. Use foam brushes to paint the pot. Foam brushes work best with clay. You can use them to paint the pot. You may want around two to three brushes of varying sizes, mainly if you want to paint any kind of patterns on the pot. 
  10. Tape off stripes or sections. If you are using more than one paint, we suggest you use stripes/tapes. Once the paint dries, you can take the tape off and paint the regions that were below the tape before.
  11. Paint the outside and 1-2 inches down the inside. This is the ultimate step, so do it carefully. 
  12. Apply extra coats of paint as needed. Extra coats are fun to add, and they’ll ensure longevity. 
  13. Finish the paint job with your preferred designs. Keep it simple, as this is your first DIY.
  14. Spray the pot with an acrylic sealer.

Now You Know. Your DIY Paint Clay Pot is ready.

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