How to make friends in your 30s?

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Striking up friendships after 25 can be tricky – and studies show millions of us are lonely after a certain age. 

Loneliness is indeed something we all feel at times and to differing degrees, but it can also be something that we feel uncomfortable about admitting to.

However, it isn’t inevitable – here is how you can make new friends in your 30s

  1. Get in Touch with Friends of Friends: Typically, people share common businesses with friends of friends. So, you can ask your friends about their friends. Reach out to them to see if the frequency works out. And in most cases, it does work for most individuals. 
  2. Compliment: Want a fabulous ice breaker? People love to hear recognition, even from strangers. Compliments are my secret weapon to meeting potential new friends! When you give a genuine compliment, you let someone know they have something that you like. Don’t be creepy about it, and ensure it sounds natural and authentic.
  3. Workout Buddies: Joining marathons and cycling groups is perhaps the best way to make new friends. It is a unique way to meet people in the area. In your 30s, the easiest way to find friends is to search for a workout/fitness partner. 
  4. Regular Meetings: Get online and find people taking classes in your preferred field. Once you find that field with like-minded people, visit those classes regularly, it’s hard for a friendship to evolve if there isn’t a pattern of predictability. Meet them regularly and interact with them in those classes.
  5. Keep low expectations: You may have had an enchanting moment with the lady in line at COVID Vaccine Hospital, and you may have even gotten her name, but do not expect to become her best friend by the weekend. People are busy in their 30s, and honestly, a strong friendship takes a little time to build.
  6. Take out time: A friendship takes time and commitment. Though you might do a merry dance when someone drops plans you didn’t want to go to anyway, please try not to do that when creating a friendship.
  7. Confidence: Even if your social media feed isn’t filled with #squad pics, be confident when you engage with someone new. If you seem worried, they’ll be able to sense it — and that can put others off. Confidence is attractive.
  8. Active: Yes, your Netflix and couch may be moaning your name, but you need to be communicative if you want to meet individuals, so go to your neighbor’s house warming and go to that friend of a friend’s comedy show.

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