How to make Bamboo Roll Up Blinds

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Blinds make for excellent decorations and window coverings, but store-bought ones can be costly. Save money by executing your own at the comfort of your home. You can make a primary blind by sewing together fabric lining and fabric. To roll up the blinds, sew dowel rods onto the fabric or repurpose parts from old store-bought ones. Put the completed blinds on the wall for a decorative and functional way to enhance any room.

We will use bamboo for this DIY since bamboo is a natural material. It does not get damaged by the rain or sun. They can be exposed to continued periods of sunlight without undergoing any damage. Likewise, they can also be soaked in the rain continually and would not be damaged like plastic materials used for other kinds of blinds. Since bamboo is a lovely renewable source, it is also an eco-friendly option when choosing a suitable material for the purpose. Moreover, these coverings look incredibly stylish and elegant and suit all kinds of windows. Using these soft coverings is very easy. There is a rope that lets you glide the bamboo blinds. Depending on the light you need, you can roll the blinds up to a specific height. Even with the covering entirely in place, you can still get a bit of light streaming through since the blinds let light move through if they are loosely woved. So you can pick the kind of weaving that suits your particular requirement.

DIY Bamboo Roll Up Blinds

Things Needed

  • Cable ties
  • A bamboo mat, large enough to fit your window
  • screw eyes
  • a rope (string) (2 pieces)
  • wooden pole
  • scissors
  • wooden beam
  • screwdriver


  1. Cut the bamboo mat – the size should be slightly taller than your window. This to cover the pole and wooden beam. 
  2. Keep the beam carefully on top of the mat, properly cover it and tie it with the cable ties.
  3. Turn around the mat and adequately place the pole, and tie this again with cable ties.
  4. Now properly place the screw eyes on the head of the beam.
  5. Apply the rope properly. Attach the rope to the top right eye, go all the way to the back, to the end, and bring it to the head and back up to the right eye on top and then bring it to the most left eye.

Now add the blinds in front of your window, patio, or wherever you want.

Pull the rope to roll up your bamboo blind. Your DIY Bamboo Roll Up Blinds are ready. 

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