How to Make a Paperclip Phone Stand in six Easy Steps

paper clips and thumb tacks
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If you need a phone stand in a hurry and COVID restrictions have forced you into your home, it’s simple to DIY one using stocks you can discover around your office or home! Phone stands are created to prop up phones so you can watch the screen hands-free. Simple supplies such as binder clips, paper clips, old plastic cards, and toilet paper cardboard tubes are ideal for making an easy and quick phone stand.

Let’s explore a creative paperclip way of making a phone Stand.

Paperclip Phone Stand


  1. Pick a paperclip that is a minimum of 6.4 cm (2.5 inches) long. Look around your house or office for a paperclip to make a phone stand. Pick a paperclip that is covered in plastic or vinyl if possible to dodge any accidental scratches to your cellphone.
  2. Unfold and align the paperclip straight out as much as feasible. Properly bend the paperclip out of the folded shape. 
  3. Next, properly twist the paperclip into thirds. Use pliers to create two corners in the unfolded paperclip. Next, properly clamp the pliers where you want each corner to be and bend the end of the paper clip towards the pliers.
  4. Fold 1.3 cm ( 1⁄2 inches) of each paperclip end up at a 90° angle. Properly press the pliers near each end around the paperclip. Bend each tip up and near the pliers to make a corner that bends up from your surface. 
  5. Bend the two smaller edges of the paperclip into 90° angles. Use pliers to close the edges of the feet into shapes (corner). Aim to bend the paperclip in the center of each edge (shorter ones).
  6. Keep your mobile horizontally across the phone stand arms. Rest the phone stand on a level surface so that the feet are facing upwards and the arms are on the ground. Put your phone horizontally on the frame with the back of your phone held by the tall stand back.

Some Additional Tips:

  1. Use a bigger paperclip if you are keen on making a stand for a bigger device such as a big smartphone or perhaps a tablet.
  2. Use plier pairs if the paperclip is too hard to straighten with your bare hands.
  3. Aim for the paperclip to look like three sides of a square shape.
  4. Step four makes the “feet” of the mobile phone stand that will dodge your phone from sliding forward and falling.
  5. From both the side, the phone stand will appear like a square “U” shape.
  6. The feet of the phone stand will be on the same side as the phone screen, dodging your mobile phone from sliding forward.

Your DIY phone stand is ready. 

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