How to Make a Dollhouse from a Cardboard Box?

Dollhouse Cardboard DIY Anne

The stores sell these elegant yet straightforward houses at an incredibly high price. However, if you are unable to afford one, don’t worry. A cardboard box dollhouse is a fun, and simple solution that is easy to make, cheap, and all you need is imagination and patience.

DIY Dollhouse Steps.

  1. Pick a box that is fit for making a dollhouse. You can pick anything from a large moving box to a shoebox, depending on the size of your kid’s dolls and the space you have available for keeping the box. However, remember to pick a clean box. Avoid dirty boxes with squashed insect stains, have smudge marks, or similar as such stains will frustrate any child playing with it.
  2. The next step involves deciding the layout of the box. The box can both be accessed from its open side, standing straight, or it can be reached looking down into it as if it were an empty 3-D architectural model.
  3. Make the floor and room dividers from cardboard. You can both use the flaps that aren’t needed from the box and cut out extra cardboard from another waste box. Or, use cardboard that comes from inside such items as sheets, calendars, etc.; these are often a good strength and shape for making divider pieces.
  4. Properly glue dividers in place. Use a trusted, strong glue fit for cardboard. This will stop the cardboard from falling once you start combining other things.
  5. Add the beautiful windows for the house. Choose where you’d, or your child would like windows. These can be easily cut out as simple holes, or you can paint on a cross design inside a rectangle/square and only cut out the four rectangles/squares to leave the window’s cross shape inside the enclosure.

Decide whether the house needs doors.

It may be simplest to do away with doors and paint or draw a few outside the house for effect. However, a door between the different rooms can be helpful, so here is one recommended way to ready a door:

  • Choose where you want to position the door.
  • Draw a perpendicular rectangle shape where the dollhouse door is to be.
  • Carefully cut out the top and one of the sides of the rectangle. Cut the rectangle base as well, leaving one long side completely uncut.
  • Carefully pull the door open, forming a crease on the one uncut side. Your house now has a door.
  • Next is drawing a doorknob on it, or glue on a tiny lid from a tube, or glue on a small stone (fragile one), for the dollhouse door handle.


Use your imagination and seek pieces of advice from your kids on how to do the floor and wall decorations. All you need is some wallpapers and strong glue for this. Color the windows, add premade pieces of furniture, and anything and everything that can add colors to the house. 

Your DIY Dollhouse from cardboard is ready.

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