How to Make a DIY Pen in Three Different Ways?

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Tools required to make pens are now available online. These enable you to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pens for a comparatively low cost. If you don’t have the patience or carpentry tools to tackle that project, you can make a pen out of many common materials, from tail feathers to clay.

DIY: Easy and Quick Pen

Today, let’s explore three different ways to make simple pens that you can use to write. People of all ages can perform this DIY activity below, and it is simpler than the complicated approach. So, without delaying it, lets begin first with the Things that are required.

Clay Pen

Things Required for a Clay Pen

  1. Polymer Clay
  2. Ink Cartridge
  3. Bamboo Skewer
  4. Petroleum Jelly


Cast a pen with clay (preferably polymer clay). Please take out a pen’s ink cartridge and chop a bamboo skewer to an identical length. Wipe the skewer with clean petroleum jelly and use it to penetrate a small ball of polymer clay. Roll out the clay until it reaches along the whole skewer, seal it over one end, and then bake in accordance with the clay’s instructions.

Cane Pen

Things Required for a Cane Pen 

  1. Cane
  2. Knife
  3. Putty/Clay
  4. Ink Cartidge


Use cane. A tiny piece of bamboo is perfect, but any hollow sturdy cane will be just as perfect. Chop off a cane part underneath one joint and just under the next. Drop an ink cartridge from a normal pen into the open end. Slowly make an angled cut into the solid end until you can push through with the ink cartridge tip. Seal the end with putty or clay to prevent ink from leaking out.

Quill Pen

Things Required

  1. Big Tail Feather
  2. Knife
  3. Ink


Quill pen. Pick a big tail feather, and cut away enough feathers to properly hold the tip. Sand the tip smoothly, then properly cut it away at a perpendicular angle. To let the quill pick up the ink, chop a slit from the tip inward, and cut off the extreme tip to make an edge (relatively flat).

Some Additional Tips:

  1. Always keep Ink Handy whenever you are making a pen so that you can fill it in and start using it as soon as your creation is ready.
  2. While making a quill pen, before you start cutting, soak the feather in warm water until it bends easily. Later, harden it in the warm sand.
  3. Whenever you are making a pen yourself, the cartridge is the game-changer. If the cartridge is extremely loose, hold it in with glue. If it’s long, secure it in place with tape.

Now You Know

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