How to Find an Effective Drug Possession Lawyer

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There are currently over 813,900 lawyers in the US. Between 2019 and 2029, another 32,300 will enter the workforce. If you’re facing drug possession charges, it’s not enough to hire the first lawyer you find, though.

Instead, use these tips to find the best drug defense lawyer around. Choosing the right drug possession lawyer is essential to your case. Without the proper defense, you could face serious jail time.

Don’t risk it!

Instead, use these tips to find the right legal representation. Choosing the best drug crime lawyer will give you peace of mind.

Start your search with these tips today.


Above all else, make sure to choose a drug possession lawyer with years of experience. They’ll leverage that experience when building your defense. An experienced lawyer will know which laws and procedures to reference when building your case.

Remember, there are over 813,900 lawyers across the US. Before hiring a lawyer, research their practice. Look for a criminal lawyer who specializes in drug possession cases.

You don’t want to choose a jack of all trades. They might not understand the laws that apply to your case. It’s possible they’re working off of out-of-date information, too.

Instead, choose someone who specializes in criminal law. Ask how long they’ve practiced since graduating from law school.

Then, determine how long they’ve specialized in drug possession cases.

It’s not enough to choose a criminal lawyer. Criminal lawyers handle a mix of different cases. They might not have a lot of hands-on experience with drug possession cases.

Instead, learn about their history as a defective drug lawyer. Look for someone who has practiced for several years.

Make sure they’ve handled a mix of simple and complex cases, too.

How many cases have they handled that were similar to yours? Do they feel confident in handling your case?

If not, take your time and money elsewhere.

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As you develop a list of drug crime lawyers to speak with, try scheduling a consultation appointment with at least three. Meeting each lawyer in person will help you learn more about their professional history. It can also help you determine which lawyer is the right fit.

For example, you’ll want to make sure you choose a strong communicator. After all, the drug injury lawyer you choose will speak on your behalf.

Pay attention to how they speak during your consultation appointment.

Do they sound confident? Are they able to answer all of your questions? Are they clear and concise?

Choose a lawyer who is clear and easy to understand. If they confuse you, they might confuse a judge and jury, too. Instead, choose someone who can speak in a concise way without unnecessary jargon.

Their communication skills could have a major impact on your case.


If you want to find the best drug defense lawyer in town, look at their track record. Their work history can tell you more about their abilities.

First, ask how many cases they’ve handled that were similar to yours. Make sure those cases were recent, too. Then, ask about the outcome for each case.

Was the lawyer able to reduce the charges? Were they able to get the charges thrown out completely? How many of their clients have faced jail time?

Look for a lawyer who has credentials that are relevant to your case. Otherwise, they might struggle to fight with your best interests in mind.


You’ll want to make sure you choose someone who answers your calls, too. Was it easy to get a hold of the lawyer? Did they return your call promptly?

A lawyer who responds quickly will prioritize your case. Otherwise, you might have to wait in the dark for answers. If they’re spread too thin, they might struggle to give your case the attention it deserves.

What happens if there’s an emergency and the police are on their way to arrest you for drug charges? You’ll want to know your lawyer is only a phone call away.

During your consultation appointment, make sure the lawyer you speak with is the one who will handle your case. Otherwise, they might delegate your case to a less experienced lawyer.

If they do delegate your case to another lawyer, ask who will supervise them.


You can also learn more about a lawyer’s abilities by speaking with their previous clients. Ask if the drug possession lawyer can refer you to at least three references. Learn what you can about their professional reputation.

Choosing a lawyer with a strong reputation will give you peace of mind in their abilities.

As you speak with their previous clients, see if you can learn more about each case. What was the outcome of that case? Was the client satisfied with their lawyer’s abilities?

Would they recommend you choose that lawyer, or look elsewhere?

You can also learn more about each lawyer by looking for online reviews. Check their Better Business Bureau and Google My Business listing. Look for reviews on law directories as well.

You might find one or two negative reviews. That’s normal. If you find an abundance of negatives, scratch that lawyer off your list.


Criminal lawyers make a median annual salary of $120,910 ($58.13/hour). Before you hire a drug possession lawyer, ask about their fees. Can you afford their services?

Their fees can differ based on:

  • The size and scope of their practice
  • Their firm’s geographic location
  • The clientele the firm serves

Criminal lawyers who represent high-profile, wealthy defendants in high-stakes cases usually make more. Hiring the best drug defense lawyer, even if they’re expensive, can benefit the outcome of your case.

Ask each lawyer what’s included in their fees. Determine if they charge an hourly rate or fixed fee, too.

Don’t base your choice solely on price. Instead, use the rest of these tips to find a lawyer who has your best interests in mind.

Build Your Defense: 6 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Drug Possession Lawyer

You don’t have to hire the first drug possession lawyer you find online. Instead, use these tips for a thorough search. With these tips, you’ll feel confident in your choice.

You can choose a lawyer who is prepared to fight for your rights.

With the right representation, you can get your charges reduced or even avoid jail time.

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