Gemini Weekly Horoscope 2nd May – 8th May 2021

Love and Relationships

This week has several romantic opportunities on the cards for you, as per your weekly horoscope. There are chances of those individuals coming towards you whom you have not thought of as potential mates. If you are employed, remain attentive to see someone special in your own department. You may have been keeping them out of sight, but that’s not the case with them! For married couples, you may have the golden opportunity to spend extra time with your spouse. Singles would hangout by sharing some moments with their friends and have fun in their single status for some extended time.


Are you aiming for a Masters degree? Then this is a beneficial time for those enrolling for it this week. You may have to give some entrance exams before getting admissions. Focus and ensure that you prepare well for the entrance test with sincerity and dedication. Some of the students would perform well in their internal exams this week. But you need to concentrate on getting high ranking scores every week, so as to fetch overall good results. If you are going for any counselling session with a mentor or guide, then this is an advantageous week.


Your health is likely to face a few changes during this phase. You would have to be very cautious with your activities and thoughts when it comes to your physical and mental wellbeing. Avoid the consumption of any type of alcoholic drinks, as they can throw your health balance into disorder. Only have soft drinks strictly, as suggested by your weekly horoscope for health. Also have proper food intake to avoid experiencing low energy levels and falling prey to any minor ailment. The week also asks you to strengthen your fitness with sound sleep. Try not to stretch beyond a limit of your capacity.


Your financial condition would be greatly enjoyable and fruitful this week. You are likely to gain a fair amount of money. There are sufficient chances to make good savings, which would also help you spend during needful times. The sum of money you earn is likely to bring you immense satisfaction. If you are thinking to invest in the real estate or share market, this week would deem beneficial for good results. You would be able to experience financial growth that you may achieve due to your hard work. This is a favourable time to start over incomplete projects from which you can have sufficient earnings.


This week is likely to demand more patience from you in your professional life. Be cautious of falling into petty arguments with anyone, as it may lead to stress. High level of competition may make you a bit nervous, which as a result, would make you attempt harder than ever, predicts your weekly horoscope. It is advisable to focus on your tasks and stay away from unnecessary discussions. Do not give up your peace of mind and remain on the calmer side. Keep a close watch on maintaining low stress levels so that you can remain in sound health. Students may search over their academic opportunities.

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