Gemini Weekly Horoscope 16th– 22nd May 2021

Love and Relationships

You may need to remain attentive towards your romantic life this week. You may face some challenges in your love life as misunderstandings are foreseen this week. Try not to provoke your partner in any manner else it can turn out to be a push and pull between you. Individuals who have broken up recently may meet someone with good understanding in an official gathering or party. It is advisable to refrain from sharing a lot in your first meeting with them. Know that good things take time and so does love. Pregnant women need to be cautious as some issues are foreseen during this week.


You would be expected to increase your levels, hence focus on your academics a bit more this week. Competition may be soaring and you would need to keep extreme focus in your learning. This seems as a favourable phase for those who are interested in proceeding with electives and majoring in them. Your efforts would surely bring in fruitful results. But it is advisable to avoid letting your confidence surpass your thinking. The students who are also taking sports as a specialisation would perform well. But you may find it hard to manage both, routine learning and getting trained for professional sports.


You would be happy and in a vibrant mood this week. This would enable you to enjoy your fitness. If you are suffering from blood pressure, it is advisable to undertake activities such as swimming and the likes, which can control your blood pressure naturally. You need to minimise the intake of medicines as that may fail to help you much. This week you would be brimming with positivity mentally. You may feel more energetic than usual. Although you may not have any health issues, you would remain careful about maintaining your health. If you are planning to go on a trip, you need to be cautious while driving.


If you are in the business, you may be traveling this week, which can make you spend more than what you expected. If you are planning on making any investment this week, you must try to make the most of this precious opportunity. You are likely to see some delays in the advancement of your business dealings. However, the progress would happen eventually and give you a sufficient amount of money to save. Try to move ahead in the right direction and the situation would improve with time. Natives who are planning to buy property are likely to get fair deals.


This week you may remain a bit tensed about your work. You may feel anxious and uneasy with your thoughts being a bit haywire. It is advisable to think about things logically and you would understand that half of the issues exist due to priorities that are not set. Take the time to do deep breathing as it would bring you calmness, mentally as well as physically. This would help you concentrate on the situation at hand and resolve problems. If you are working in the entertainment field, you may need to put in hard work to get your dream project.

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