“Don’t scream, nobody will hear you. You are communal,” shouts secularism at a lynched Hindu

grey skulls piled on ground
Photo by Renato Danyi on Pexels.com

The tapestry of Himalayan azure intertwining with the greenery of Jhelum, crawling on the blossoms of bewitching Gulmohar is what makes Kashmir a place of heavenly rapture which every soul craves. But, sadly Kashmir witnessed the most terrifying terrorism in the state in Jan 1990, when the radical Islamists and Jammu Kashmir liberation front declared from the mosques, that Kashmiri Pandits were kafirs, so they must either convert to Islam or leave Kashmiri without their daughters, and wives. The January snow still fails to conceal the blood of Hindus which spattered the democracy with ineffaceable shame. The shrieks of Hindus getting stabbed and slashed by people whom they considered their friends, neighbors, are still echoing across the valley, pervading the country that didn’t hear them. The unheard screams of women getting raped by radical Islamists in Kashmir didn’t get attention of Supreme Court. Thousands of Kashmiri Hindus were coerced to leave their homes, their temples, as if this country isn’t a place for Hindus to live peacefully. Hundreds of temples were dismantled under secularism of India. This ordeal which Kashmiri Hindus waded through is still ineffable. For them, No outrage was seen. International media connived with Indian media to whitewash the genocide.  The separatist who murdered Kashmiri Hindus was invited to have dinner with Pm Manmohan Singh, and the families that lost everything weren’t even given back what they lost, justice was apparently out of question. Since then the paradise that turned into an Islamic hell is nurturing terrorism in the valley which is still daubed with the indelible splashes of Hindu’s blood. 

Unfortunately, we live in a country where secularism doesn’t speak for Hindus, where a dead Hindu doesn’t make a headline on TV, where a raped Hindu woman doesn’t get justice, where Kashmiri Hindus live in refugee camps to survive. This is the country where a Muslim thief gets huge outrage from national and international media. Where separatists are mollycoddled by the govt whereas Kashmiri pandits living in camps since 1990 fail to draw its attention. Moreover, Hindus are labelled communal. Although umpteen Temples were destroyed, yet, it couldn’t violate the rules of Indian secularism which is undoubtedly a sophisticated form of terrorism. The wounds of 1990 genocide can’t be healed until Kashmiri pandits get back with pride what was snatched from them by terrorists in Kashmir. 

The attacks on Hindus are becoming fierce day by day, Bengal is just a glimpse of this where everyday Hindus are killed, though they don’t make any news in media. And yes, it is happening in a country which is the largest democracy in the world. 

Recently, a baffling news from Tamilnadu shook the ones who heard it, but it was very conveniently ignored by biased Indian media so it couldn’t be spread vehemently the way it was supposed like other religious news. The reason behind this ignorance of media, is it utterly exposed the fabricated secularism. The matter was, A petition was filed before the Madras High Court pertaining to the conduct of temple processions through a Muslim-dominated locality at V Kalathur in the district of Perambalur in Tamil Nadu. Since 2012,The Muslim community has been demanding this ban on Hindu festivals which have been conducted for decades on the streets and villages across the state, and the Muslim community has named these religious celebrations as ‘sins’. The court has reminded radical Islamists that India is a secular country, just because one community lives in majority in a particular area, can’t prevent the religious celebrations of others. The roads are secular. The villages are secular. The court also averred that religious intolerance can’t be allowed in this country, if it happened, there would be chaos, riots and furore everywhere. Now the question emerges, what is exactly happening in Muslim dominated areas where Hindus are seen as sinners and their festivals as sins which even doesn’t come on TV? 

Currently, Tamilnadu is witnessing horrible and sordid acts against Hindus and Hindu culture. Many temples are attacked daily by Mobs, ancients idols are vandalized. This is sadly happening in a secular country. Every day news distresses us, leaving us ruminating about the plight of Hindus in this country. Temples aren’t safe, people aren’t safe. One can not write, express, or oppose anything. For, if a tormented Hindu dares to speak, or retaliates is labelled communal. The lobby of intellectuals, seculars and  self-made unbiased journalists have brazenly closed their eyes to this news as it has unequivocally unveiled their disgusting bigotry and throttled the fabricated secularism which these people never get tired of exaggerating. No prime show happened for this Islamic religious intolerance because it is not appropriate for the secularism which is undoubtedly the source of their livelihood. The question arises, what if such petition was filed by a Hindu community in any part of the country? Just envisage the outrage by these vultures who are hiding themselves in the garb of journalists, writers, actors, comedians, leaders and liberals! They would have certainly created ruckus everywhere besmirching the Hindus and the Hinduism, making derogatory caricatures of Hindus deities and labelled Pm Modi ‘Fascist’. India’s secularism must have been shown in a jeopardy and the democracy would have been dead now. The protests would have happened across the country and the international media would have portrayed Hindus as intolerant chauvinists or simply saffron terrorists. Irony! 

The silence which we are consuming after understanding the sordid intentions of a particular community and some political parties is ostensibly strengthening these powers that are lurking to devour the Hinduism by continually attacking the culture, and the temples under secularism. We Hindus hear such news of temples getting dismantled daily, Hindus are being killed in various parts of the country, we don’t show our anger, nor we oppose this, fearing to be called communal. We want to live in a peaceful environment but it doesn’t mean to be this meek. Hindus can’t play defensive. We must stand for our culture, temples and most importantly, for our own existence. If we are being targeted now even when we are a majority, it can make us quiver imagining the plight of Hindus after few decades! Bengal is showing what can possibly happen to Hindus in this so-called secular country when Hindus will be in minority. What was done to Kashmiri pandits might happen to Hindus across the country within few decades! The courts won’t protect like they didn’t save kashimiri Hindus. Neglecting the attacks on Hindus in other states won’t ensure our safety, because if it is happening with others now, can happen with us soon. So Speak, oppose, and fight. That’s what our dharma teaches us. Fight evil, eradicate it, and conquer adharma. 

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