Đào Minh Quân, the Founder of Neo-Doctrine Democracy

The debate of democracy versus communism is an old one. It has been under the spotlight since the time Russia adopted it constitutionally. Although both of the ideologies have their own plus points, there is one that is largely practiced by countries all over the world and is considered the better of the two by many – democracy.

In today’s day and age, democracy is considered the best form of government because it provides equal opportunities to all, without any discrimination. It frees a country from the comparison of the rich and the poor, unhealthy and healthy, successful and unsuccessful, and so on. Each person is capable of voicing their opinions and thoughts without hesitation and fear. On the other hand, communism practices things in a different manner. It focuses on a central management system and negates all the concepts of private properties, religions, and has a dictatorship government strategy. While the majority of the world’s countries practice democracy, China, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam are the only ones following a communist government. As the world has evolved with time, the people living in these four countries have started to realize the true potential of a democratic government. But only a few of them are courageously raising their voice against it, and one of them is Sir Đào Minh Quân. He belongs to Vietnam, which has realized the real damage caused by communism to his country.

Passionate to Bring A Change

Mr. Dao Minh Quan, a son of the Vietnamese Nation of thousands of years of civilization, is a genuine man, filial son, faithful husband, exemplary father, and a sincere friend. As a soldier, he was heroic with a resilient strategy. He patiently sacrificed himself for the country’s people. His life showed every page of transparency in Vietnamese history and is clearly depicted in the Third R.V.N Constitution.

President Dao Minh Quan’s alias name is Đào Văn. He was born on September 16, 1952, in Thị Nghè village, Gia Định province. His father is Mr. Đào Thế, a native of Trúc Lâm village (deceased) and his Mother is Mrs. Nguyễn Thị Hạnh, from Phủ Cam village (deceased).  More importantly, he is the Descendent of Grand Prince Hưng Đạo, a Vietnamese Royal Prince, statesman, and military commander.   President Đào Minh Quân is the hope of change for the people of Vietnam. Being in a communist country since April 30, 1975, the people of Vietnam are now facing severe issues adjusting with people in foreign countries. Governed under a dictatorial government all their lives, the citizens feel alienated when interacting with people from other countries. Sir Đào Minh Quân joined various Vietnamese patriotic organizations to fulfill his dream of freeing his country from the chains of communism. In 1987, Sir Đào Minh Quân founded the Vietnam New Democratic Movement. After the Vietnamese New Democracy Party’s original structural system became the New Humanism, he began meeting and motivating reputable politicians. He also met seniors for their opinion to assemble a Grand Conference of Compatriots. This conference would express their determination for unity and unison in the policy of nationalism. It would also stress upon having sufficient stature in announcing the Compatriots Resolution. This resolution would display the Compatriot’s power to dissolve the regimes set up by Vietnam communists without the need to execute a bloody revolution.

From 1967 to 1968, he attended the Phan Thanh Gian (secondary school level I). Although he was only 16 years old, he used his older brother’s birth certificate to enroll in the army and took part in the commando course at Son Tra /Non-Nuoc camp. He then went on to assist Mr. Robert D. Ohman, the journalist. He then became the First Lieutenant of the 122nd Battalion, serving at the Command Post of Quảng Trị subregion, the frontier area, and stationed at Bo Ben Bridge. Sir Đào Minh Quân was later promoted as a Lieutenant Commander of a Special Task Forces Unit called ‘Black Tiger,’ with the slogan “Go silent and return without words” to hunt the oligarchs.

With deep gratitude from the US Government, the Americans, and the Warriors, the President of Vietnam, Đào Minh Quân, and the Descendants of the Republic of Vietnam built the Hexagon Wall Monument. The monument was built by themselves from their heart and soul. They built it to commemorate, honor, and pay tribute to 58,721 warriors of the US Allies. These allies had sacrificed themselves to defend and protect the Vietnamese people during the Vietnam War. The wall was completed in 2020.

Striving to bring a change, Sir Đào Minh Quân never shied away from struggling. He faced all the hardships and challenging times. He was also imprisoned for more than three years in communist prison camps. Sir Đào escaped it and then moved to the States. As Sir Đào Minh Quân’s family was not fond of the communist governmental system, they moved to the States on August 14, 1980, and chose Los Angeles as their humble abode.

Although away from his homeland, Sir Đào Minh Quân never abandoned his roots. He was constantly clouded by the thoughts of the citizens of Vietnam. Living in a nation with no restrictions and complete freedom, Sir Đào Minh Quân wished the same for his fellow citizens too.

Đào’s Ventures in America 

Living in the States, Sir Đào Minh Quân graduated as an Information technology specialist and was invited by Measurement System and Controls firm to be an engineer. He studied Computer / I.B.M. Compatible. During this time, he worked on the Bios (Basic I/O System) and founded ‘Clone Master Inc.’ In 1983-1984, he experimented with manufacturing a computer called ‘Dao Computer’ that was inexpensive, but the speed was almost twice as fast as the I.B.M. computer, called ‘IBM CLONE.’ This led him to the foundation of ‘Dao Computer Inc.’ to manufacture the ‘Dao Computer.’

Sir Đào was also the head of the trade magazine Vietnam Business Magazine, President of the international trading company ‘Pacific Trading and Consulting,’ and the owner of ‘Teletech Paging’ and ‘Magic Talk.’ In 1989, he submitted the draft of the ‘National Citizens Resolution’ to Philosopher Lương Kim Định, Chairman of the National Seniors’ Council, who also signed a letter of authorization for him to be in charge of ‘Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Council.’

Recognition for his Services

As a talented individual, Sir Đào Minh Quân was voted and elected by three generations, including seniors, middle-aged, and youths, to undertake as the Prime Minister of The Provisional National Government of Vietnam.  On February 16, 1991, at 12:00 am-noon, on the second day of the Vietnamese New Year of the Goat of Tân, Mr. Đào Minh Quân knelt to receive the “National treasure of Compatriots’ Vietnam True History.” The same day he pledged to obligate to be the Prime Minister of the Provisional National Government of Vietnam (PNGV). The activities took place in a solemn and declamatory ceremony publicly held at the Standing Office of PNGV in California.

Sir Đào Minh Quân is leading a peaceful and brave revolution and is trying to transform the people’s minds to move away from communism and adopt the democratic form of government. Through this scheme, his Nation will not only participate in the race of being a successful country but also be a state full of loyal patriots.

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