Cycling Guide to Belgium

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If you are looking for a chilling and hassle-free cycling holiday destination, then Belgium could prove the ideal place for your adventure. Belgium is a comparatively flat country, which means there are no problematic gradients to stop your equilibrium. There are over 1,200 miles of an off-road path along early-modern era railway lines and beside canals and waterways. Numerous Greenways also crisscross the nation.

Walloon and Flemish provincial administrations are continually improving these wonderful routes and examining cyclists in their traffic planning. Many of the car-free trails are gentle and well-paved, so anyone can savor them on two wheels. It is easy to discover GPS-guided routes for alone touring tourists, or you could join a cycle tour to meet new individuals and have some European company on your travels.

Belgium is a haven for cyclists. Cycling is a favorite national pastime, and almost 90% of Flemish households have at least one sports bicycle. This indicates that all road users are used to sharing the roads with cyclists, and you will usually discover drivers around you to be courteous, considerate, and patient. Road racing is a traditional pursuit in the nation.

Even those trails that are not furnished with cycle lanes are relatively safe to cycle on. If you do decide to visit some of Belgium’s historical, fine cities and towns, then you will find a proliferation of rental places, bike parking spots, and other valuable amenities.

But you can, if you wish, travel for miles and miles without ever meeting a motorized vehicle. It is effortless to travel along beside a river or canal, through pleasant nature reserves or farmland, and enjoy the wholesome tranquillity of the northern continent.

There are many long-distance cycling routes in Belgium; These LF-designated tracks allow you to get a more expansive sense of the countryside as you travel by bike for many miles. The longest of them all is the 800km LF of Flanders. This course takes you around the five regions of Flanders, Cycle to the historic canal-filled city of the Scheldt River basin in Antwerp, Bruges, Lier, the Kempen area, Haspengouw, unassuming Ghent, and the border towns with The Netherlands in Limburg and then return to your starting point via Leuven, Tongeren and the Green Belt around Brussels. Take the time to explore Belgium’s great capital before continuing on to Oudenaarde and back, through the Flanders Fields region, to the coast.

If you have less time, maybe one of the loveliest cycle routes in Belgium is the 33km woodland biking trail by Bruges. This is an excellent family route and is all off-road. This would be a fun day trip for families staying in this most picturesque and delightful of cities.

Belgium offers a lot for cyclists of all abilities and ages, so why not come and explore this most underrated and overlooked nation?

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