Review: Get Paid for Your Photographs

What if you get paid for the photos stored on your computer or camera? What if you can start generating extra income from your causal photography work? If you are wondering about adding some extra income to your pocket then is the best platform for you.

A detailed review of this platform will clear all your doubts about how this platform works and how you can start receiving income from the platform.

About is an online photo-sharing platform. If you are using social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., then you may have uploaded plenty of photos on your social networks. Instagram is a unique platform that lets you share photos and videos.

What makes this ClickASnap platform unique among all such photo-sharing platforms is it lets you earn money. You can upload your photos on your profile and whenever someone views your photos, your account will be credited. More information about how much money will be credited to your account and how you can redeem it will be discussed later on.

How does this platform work?

The platform serves an intuitive user interface where anyone can create a profile and start uploading photos to generate extra income. There are different subscription options available which you can avail of. Depending on the chosen subscription plan, you will get paid for your work when someone views or want to download the digital copies of your photos.

Ways to Earn Money through ClickASnap

Basically, there are two different ways with which photographers can generate income through this platform. First when someone views your photos.

The platform will give you 0.4¢ for each view of your photos. Besides this, you can sell out your photos’ digital copies right from your profile. When someone wants to download your photos, you can set the amount as per your requirements.

This is how one can get paid by selling out their photos online through the ClickASnap platform. It’s a good platform for amateur photographers who have just started taking photos. They can choose the best of photos and can upload them here to create a portfolio.

Is it a free-to-use Platform?

ClickASnap is open for all, there are no restrictions to use this platform. Anyone can create an account and can start uploading photos with no paid subscription.

The best thing about this platform is it lets you upload up to 7 photos a week with its free account. If you are a professional photographer and want to start selling your photos online, then you can go with the professional account.

Let’s discuss some of the key features of this platform. Key Features

Designed for Professionals platform is designed for professionals who want to show off their creativity to the world. They can even start generating some income from their work by using this platform.

Intuitive User-interface

The platform is there for all types of users. It is free-to-use for all and anyone can create an account on it with no subscription fees.

Free-to-use Platform

The platform lets you create a free account by simply clicking on the Signup button. Just fill in the registration form and create your free account.

Unique Subscription Plans

For amateur photographers, there is a free account available. They can create a free account and can start uploading their photos for free. The professional account is there for professional photographers who want to sell out their photos using this platform.

Trustworthy platform has gained a massive fan following across the globe with its reliable user interface and simple pay structure. You will get paid once you achieve the set limit.

Regular Updates

Being a new photo-sharing platform, the team of qualified developers is working hard to improve its user interface and add new features. The platform is receiving new updates with new features and functions that make it more functional for everyone.


ClickASnap has a dedicated forum or we can say community where professional photographers share their knowledge and answer queries of the amateurs so that they can improve their photography skills. Subscription Plans

They offer tiered membership levels. A free account, Ad-Free for £2.00pm (£19.20pa), Seller £4.00pm (£38.40pa) and Pro-Seller £6.00pm (£57.60pa).

Is it Worth It?

Of course! ClickASnap is the most reliable platform for amateur photographers who can start making money online without buying subscription plans.

Users can generate 0.4¢ for each view of their photos. They can redeem the amount once it reaches to $15. The money will be transferred upon request through PayPal.

You can promote your photos to receive more views which ultimately helps you generate more income. You can even use your ClickASnap profile for professional work. It’s a good way to kickstart a new career!

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