Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 30th May– 5th June 2021


Love and Relationships

New partners and secret relationships are what this phase may bring to your life. If you have been unable to take out time for your partner for a long time, you may get that time now. You may have ample time to spend it qualitatively with your partner and tell him/her how special he/she is for you. There are high chances of you getting married in the first half of the week. On the other hand, the 2nd half is good for those who want to conceive a child. You should get along with your partner well and enjoy a romantic life together.


A lot of conviction and dedication is required from Aquarians to successfully clear their exams. Luck may not favour you, so you will need to rely mostly on your efforts. Stars foresee good opportunities for growth in career and education but you will have to improve your concentration. You will need to sort out your stress or disturbances and allow yourself to perform to the fullest of your abilities. The good company of friends and colleagues will help you remain composed. If you are planning group studies, you can go for it as it will help you a lot.


Your health will be good this year and you will enjoy both, on the work front and home affairs. You may enjoy stability throughout the year. It may give you the best time to enjoy a healthy life. You should eat healthy and fresh food and avoid junk. The second half of the week may add troubles to your life. You may face digestion issues. If there is anything wrong with your digestion, you should immediately become very careful with your food intake. You should be more disciplined in your daily life. You should go out for recreational activities.


You may earn money unexpectedly in the initial days of the week. This may happen as you will raise small term projects that can fulfil your needs. You may have a good inflow of money in the starting days and you will be lucky in saving money as well. However, a lack of stability on the job front may impact the flow of your income. You may enjoy good monetary gains as the week progresses and you mays feel more optimistic. Such optimism will enable you to make more effort. There may be an imbalance between your earnings and expenses as you may have to spend money on the needs of your family members.


You will make progress in your endeavours during the week. It will be an excellent time for your career and professional life. You will accomplish your goals and thus come closer to meeting your potential. You may also get some great working opportunities. Your abilities and determination will help you a lot. You may become very sincere and focused on carrying out your work. You may become well known for your excellent communication abilities. If you are planning to change your job, make sure you don’t act in haste as there is a likelihood of uncertainty and instability.

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