Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 2nd May – 8th May 2021


Love and Relationships

The stars have some wonderful moments for your love life this week. You would be happy with your partner. You may also cherish some quality time together. Love may find a way to your heart and you would be struck with the cupid’s arrow of your love interest. Singles out there may find their soulmate and have beautiful time together. The first past of the week deems favourable for meeting potential partners. You may enter a relationship with them or even decide to marry. You would be on cloud nine and cheer in romance to the fullest this week.


It would be sweet to taste the success that is earned with dedication and hard work. The way you gain knowledge and wisdom would be noteworthy, not just from books but also from the practical world. If you are attempting a competitive exam, there are high chances of success. The start of the week may raise your excitement towards academics. Getting into healthy competition in your school or college is likely to happen. There can be a golden opportunity of securing your admission in a foreign institute for higher studies. Medical and engineering students may find it tough to get a seat in the institute they desire.


By paying a little attention this week, you may experience goodness in your health. Complete recovery from your past health issues would make you enjoy a peaceful time. There may arise certain problems that you may need to tackle in health. Your careful attitude can put an end to them as well. It is advisable to keep an eye on the weather, and avoid going out in extreme climates, or consuming outside food. Don’t let work stress impact your health. Even something that seems to be small must be addressed fully. Pregnant women should remain extra careful about any sort of setbacks.


This week deems beneficial for your financial matters and monetary gains. Constant small incomes may happen, which would make you cheer about your financial situation. But avoid expecting too much, as your increment may fail to completely satisfy you. Chances of an increase in expenses are there while spending on household or luxury items. However, there would be an abundance of money. You may gain finances from some different sources along with your regular source of income. Avoid spending lavishly and impulsively, and check your finances regularly. Being careful in handling your finances would be helpful.


This week is about your new ideas and innovations sprouting out in the open. You are likely to get a platform where you can showcase brilliance in your regular work. There might be a lack of needed appreciation from your seniors or peers, but don’t get demotivated. The week has a stable time in store for your professional life. It is advisable to remain careful and take things light-heartedly. You may find it hard to cross hurdles thrown on your path, but patience and determination would help you manage the situation. Work life may bring difficult circumstances where you may lose some comforts.

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