Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 23rd– 29th May 2021


Love and Relationships

This week may give you a great time to enjoy all the romantic pleasures in your life. The much-awaited time for your love life has come. You will find this time very pleasant. You will share loving relations with your partner. The females, who are waiting to find their potential partner, are going to meet their special someone and will feel that they have met their dream person. Married couples who are wanting a child may come to hear good news on this front. Married women may get pregnant. Women should be careful with the new friends; they might take advantage of you.


You will be successful in competitions as well as in regular examinations. The guidance from your teachers will be very useful, you should pay your regards to gain blessings from them. Higher education will also come easy if you wish to enrol yourself in a good institution, within the country or abroad. A thorough examination of the institution is very much required to avoid getting stuck with fake universities. Those who are appearing in board exams should make adequate preparations. The students who are pursuing engineering may need to pay more attention to studies, while those appearing for the medical entrance exam will find the exam to be a bit difficult.


You are going to have a good time as far as your health is concerned. This week will provide you relief from previous health issues and you will see a positive development in your life. You will maintain good fitness and energy levels that will keep you satisfied. You will have more determination. You will feel very confident while pursuing your goals. Even if you have stress from your work, you shouldn’t let it hamper your well-being. Be careful with your meals and be regular in eating food. Meditation will prove to be helpful which will give you immense pleasure and relief from the stress and disturbing thoughts.


During this week, your financial base may get strengthened, says your weekly horoscope. Everything happens for a good cause and the best. You may feel the same for your financial life, this week. Patience will bear sweet fruits. Good fortune may smile upon you and you will enjoy this excellent income inflow throughout the week. Some of you will continue to face certain ups and downs, but the support from your spouse or in-laws will help you. Taking a major decision will prove to be worthwhile. It will help you in increasing your income.


Professional aspects and career opportunities seem much brighter for you in the coming new week. It will be wise to think & act sensibly and make the most of this fruitful time. You should maintain a cautious approach because you may become a victim of favouritism. You may feel tired because of some inner fears and thus it is very important to be careful while attending your work. The week may bring good opportunities for job seekers and those who are planning to change their field of work. You will achieve good results in your professional work.

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