Cancer Weekly Horoscope 9th– 15th May 2021

Love and Relationships

In the initial days of the week, you will need to deal with the load of responsibilities with the utmost patience. Remember that patience is the ultimate road to success, and so you should keep yourself calm. Escaping from duties and demands of your family can turn out to be harmful during the middle of the week. Whereas, facing them would help you overcome tensions during the latter phase of this week. This phase may bring a time of hope and happy moments in your love life.


Stars are granting you some beneficial chances to march ahead and develop new skills. This can greatly strengthen your academic position. The planets are likely to have a good impact on you, which would help you in broadening the horizons in your field. This time deems favourable to take the appropriate advantage of the knowledge and skills brought in your atmosphere. This is due to a strong presence of planets and their support this week. There are also good chances of getting the needed support and guidance from your mentors and elders.


You may become more driven towards keeping up with your health and overall well-being this week. It will help you to maintain sound health during this phase. There are chances of some old health problems coming to surface during the last days of the week. The ending phase may also need due care as your immune system may be a bit weaker during this time. But no need to worry, it may not be that serious as per the weekly forecast. Still, it is advisable to keep yourself inspired to maintain your hygiene and health.


Some restrictions may hold you back from gaining the pace at which you can achieve your financial goals this week. You need to remain extremely cautious while extending credit or finalising any major financial deals. Some new opportunities are likely to happen for you during the last phase of the week. But, you should make the big decision only after due consideration. The reason being, there are possibilities of making wrong decisions in a hurry to accelerate the speed of your growth. This week is going to be a period of acting with patience and caution.


This week deems to be crucial as it may open new avenues to climbing the ladder to success in your career. However, this can turn to be a challenging period and any rash decisions may lead you to trouble. It is advisable to remain extremely cautious around the middle phase of the week. Try not to escape from making the efforts to be in charge of your work encouragingly. During the mid phase, those in business may resolve a few pending issues. You may come across bright opportunities amid some problems around the last phase of the week.

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