Cancer Weekly Horoscope 30th May– 5th June 2021

Love and Relationships

During this week, your perceptions may be very optimistic but your desire to see the best or to get the best may make you gullible. Avoid taking impulsive actions, they will make you vulnerable. You should go with the flow and let your reactions be natural. Due to the influence of planets, you may engage in deep meaningful conversations around the weekend which will help you maintain peace and harmony in your personal life.


The week looks good for education. However, in the beginning, there may be some distraction. All you need to do is work, properly and methodically. As the week progresses, certain positive developments may alter the way you think or alter your strategy. You will need to focus on your plan and vision. Certain communications may change the mode of your thinking and it may have a positive impact on your educational pursuits.


As the week begins, the period may be somewhat difficult for your health. If you have had any problems in the past, they may come back. The period from around the midweek may be much more favourable for your health and, now you may recover from your issues and put in place a solution. However, you should not become careless as the concluding days of this week will demand more attention towards old health issues.


It is advised that during the first half of the week, you should take a major decision only after due deliberations. If you want to make fast progress, you may be induced to make a decision quickly which might land you in trouble. So, you need to act wisely. However, the latter half of this week seems progressive and smooth. You will be in a better position to make important financial decisions around the weekend. You may have a strong urge to achieve higher financial growth and you are likely to succeed.


This week is likely to enhance your career prospects. However, you may face stiff problems due to disruptions caused by some of your associates. Certain complicated issues may affect your career prospects adversely during the latter half of this week. The ending part of this week might help you in generating a new wave of progress despite a few challenges. Businesspersons will need to handle their task with a cool head, to make the best out of the supportive planetary movement.

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