Cancer Weekly Horoscope 2nd May – 8th May 2021


Love and Relationships

Your love life is likely to remain successful and you would feel fulfilled in all areas of life during this week. There are chances of some key developments, which can draw your near ones towards you. You may get fair responses from your close ones or partner, which would enhance your self-esteem. Moreover, this seems to be a favourable phase for attending social events and creating new contacts. The mid period of this week can have some disruptions. Express your emotions to your partner in a positive manner and you can avoid bitterness. This would make space for an air of romance and passion during the end of the week.


You would be thriving on learning new skills, diversity and mental stimulation. You are likely to be extremely focussed, which may help you to make a good impact on academic groups. New creative ideas and concepts would bring you to new dimensions. During the latter portion of the week, it is advisable to direct your energy towards new ways. This way you can get ample insights in your understanding and skill sets. In a nutshell, this week seems to be beneficial in boosting your prospects.


You can expect to experience stronger fitness levels this week. However, some discomfort may cause some ups and downs in your health at the initial phase of the week. You need to be careful of your eating habits and diet. Avoid consumption of junk food and cold drinks. During the next phase of this week, you may be able to regain your health slowly. You are likely to have a fair amount of strength during the second half of this week. It would be helpful for you to recover from past health problems.


You would be hopeful about your financial opportunities this week. But, you may need to face new challenges to progress in your work at the start of the week. You are to go through some tricky situations during the middle phase, which may need more thoughtfulness. Position of benefices is likely to let you work from your comfort zone during the second half of the week. However, you may give extra efforts to attain your financial goals. This time deems to be favourable to initiate and execute that long thought plan for growing your financial possibilities.


This week may boost your position, but there may be some tests and trials thrown on your path. Some complex problems may keep you concerned in the initial phase. However, as the week moves ahead, you would start seeing fruitful results coming your way. Your career may gain good momentum during the ending phase of the week. Planetary transits predict a progressive time for business individuals during the last phase of this week. As the weekend approaches, businessmen are likely to strike a great and profitable deal.

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