Camping Guide to Kualoa Beach in Oahu, Hawaii

Kualoa Beach

Kualoa beach park is situated at 49-479 Kamehameha Highway. The park covers over 150 acres across the street from the Pali-Ku of the Koʻolau Range. The beachfront is neat white sand, and 1/3 mile offshore is the small island of Mokoliʻi.

This is more of a recreational park area than a beach you might see in Kailua or the northern shore. On weekends you’ll see locals enjoying and camping here and exploring this area which has plenty of free and paid parking. Trained lifeguards are on duty during the vacation months of June through August and on weekends year long.

You can see the campsites towards the southern tip of the park. 

Kualoa Beach Park – Camping – Things to Know

  1. Kualoa “B” Beach Park is next to old Hawaiian fishponds. Fishing here can be pretty good. However, a printed permit is needed to camp in this park. All the paid fees are non-refundable.
  2. The maximum number of individuals per camping permit is ten.
  3.  All campsites are closed on Thursdays and Wednesdays.
  4. You’ll need to, without fail, reserve your permits at least two weeks in advance. There are outdoor showers and two bathroom facilities available for campers. 

Kualoa Beach Fun Activities

  1. Beach: The protected waters from the offshore reef and human-made wall make for a tranquil swimming location. Just lie down on the beach after setting up your camp and enjoy the waves crushing the white sand.
  2. Relax: Enjoy the spacious, exquisitely manicured lawns and picnic benches. If you are with your family, the kids will love the grounds and small rides along the way. If you are traveling with your partner, privacy is paramount. 
  3. Adventure: Mokolii or Chinaman’s hat is located just off the shore of Kualoa beach. Take a swim or go Kayaking during low tide to this small island. This island is an excellent bird sanctuary, so please be careful and don’t feed the birds. Also, it is easy to panic and to get caught in a current. Only swim if you are an upper-level swimmer, otherwise check the current charts and swim over during low tide. Be sure to go back from the island during low tide as well. Yes, this is adventurous and sounds a bit scary; however, there’s no fun in camping without some adrenaline-pushing adventures, right?
  4. Explore: Kualoa beach park is situated directly across from Kualoa ranch. Visit their website, and you can find many paid attractions offered by the popular Kualoa ranch.
  5. Night: Take a stroll on the beach and enjoy the stars. You might be able to catch some sand crabs. Or stay at your campsite and light a small campfire, and enjoy the company of your camping mates while preparing s’mores.

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