Aries Weekly Horoscope 2nd May – 8th May 2021


Love and Relationships

You may get financial support from your spouse. Your better half would also help you with some career advice. This may deem advantageous for you to achieve success at your office. You may fail to give quality time to your significant other, which may cause some difficulties in your relationship. Your beloved’s health would also demand your attention during this phase. Singles, be ready to mingle! A new romantic proposal is on the cards this week. If you also like the opposite individual, this week may give beneficial results in your love life.


Health issues may bring a sudden gap in your studies. Hence, you must remain attentive while travelling and also curb aggression. Research students are likely to fetch good results in their project, but they need to follow the guidelines of their mentor to reach there. This, as a result, may help you join in foreign projects associated with your research. Obstructive thoughts and wrong company of friends can be a cause of distraction in your studies. You may develop an interest in understanding religious and spiritual topics or subjects. There are chances of being successful in your research work, particularly if it is related to the field of medical science or yoga. Steer clear from delving in the past and focus on your present.


It will be beneficial to have a routine checkup done. Joining a health class would keep you in the pink of health this week. Your health would remain normal, however low immunity can create challenges unexpectedly. Fever and cold may bother you this week. It is advisable to abstain from taking cold beverages and regularise a healthy diet for sound health. Workload may result in disturbed sleep and exhaustion. Stars are asking you to avoid excessive thinking as it may lead to stress. Avoid spending time on electronic gadgets prior to sleeping. Dehydration and stress can create health issues, hence keep yourself calm and drink plenty of water.


This week you may get ample chances with a bit of tests, but you would come out with flying colours and sufficient financial earnings. Do some research on your new project and that may give victory in your meeting. In addition, there are chances of spending finances for your business unexpectedly. There are chances of receiving incentives for your work, and a great deal may fetch you some good earnings along with your company. It is advisable to make pragmatic decisions related to finances. This may bring you favours this week. You may need to spend on health concerns. Some religious events and gift-giving may also bring sudden expenses.


This week is likely to fetch you diverse results in your career front. You must remain focussed and determined in your work and avoid falling into office politics. Any business associated with electronic work may bring beneficial results. A new business proposition may let you go on a long trip overseas. Individuals running an educational institute may get fortunate results and may plan business expansion as well. Failure in communication may land you in a difficult situation. Workload is likely to remain at work. Hence, it is advisable to jot down a priority list, which would spare you from working in a hurry to complete your office tasks. A female colleague at office or partner in business may extend a helping hand this week.

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