Aries Weekly Horoscope 23rd– 29th May 2021

Love and Relationships

There may be a sudden break-up in one of your relationships as is foreseen in the prediction. Besides, if you are embroiled in some marriage-related legal issues, this week will give you the much-needed solution to your problem. You may feel stressed due to some or the other reason. Besides, you may get into a secret love affair this week. This relationship may not give you long-term happiness and you may not feel committed. Thus, you are advised not to accept or get into any new relationship proposal.


There will be unexpected challenges for students this week. There may be a sudden change in your syllabus or a surprise test. You should be ready with your study preparations and regular with your day to day practices. Besides, you may develop an interest in journalism or mass-communication or other related subjects. You will be successful in the exams. If you want to enter the medical or the legal field, you will get admitted to a highly reputed educational institute for the above two fields. There may be challenges in higher studies. You will get a helping hand from your mentor. Also, you may get help and guidance from your father in pursuing higher studies.


This is the time to learn meditation and focus on your physical & mental health. You should avoid doing heavy exercises without proper instructions. As for senior citizens, you may get pain in your nerves or hands. Be in touch with your doctor and get your routine checkup done. You should be positive and try to stay with positive people. Negative thoughts will cause you stress. You may also face digestion issues. Avoid eating outside food and eat a healthy and light diet this week. Don’t use electronic gadgets before going to sleep, it can cause you to sleep discomfort and other health issues.


This week, you may not get the money that you were expecting. Thus, you won’t save as much as well. You may organise religious events that will cause money expenses. It’s not a favourable week to invest in land or property related work. You may need to change your residence, which in turn can cause unplanned expenses. Your in-laws may ask you for financial help. The planetary transits predict that you may get a chance to earn money during business trips.


Luck will favour you in your work especially in tasks related to foreign countries. This week, you may emphasize proper communication and commitment, they will play an important role in your life. Also, you may clinch a new business deal. Your business partner may help you with financial matters. Besides, you should give a proper presentation of your plan. So take the initiative at the workplace and in meetings. The businesspersons may get the opportunity from a foreign client. This week you should avoid taking up any new responsibility. You may have a lot of workloads. Try to clear all your backlogs first and then move into any new work or new projects.

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