Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 30th May– 5th June 2021

Love and Relationships

You should not demand more than you deserve as stars foresee that you’re over expectation will lead you into relationship problems. You may face communication gaps in your marital relationship. The transit of the Moon and Mercury predicts that you should avoid harsh communication. Don’t get influenced by others and even your family members. You should protect your love life and romantic relationships. Arguments and doubt can cause you to stress this week. You should try to give space to your partner. You should spend quality time with your partner and avoid blaming him/her for past mistakes. It can cause you challenges in your relationship. Patience is needed if you wish to have a harmonious relationship with your partner.


Learning a new language or a skill which is connected to your hobby will get you good recognition and success. The transit of Venus, Sun and Moon will help you get knowledge and wisdom. Group studies will be helpful. You may be inclined to learn occult sciences. For the research students, you will get success in your work. The students will do well in their exams. Those who are appearing in competitive examinations may be successful. Try not to get into the wrong company of friends.


You may feel tired because of the workload. Dehydration and stress can cause health issues. You may get depressed because of an emotional setback. So try to make yourself busy with work so that you don’t have to overthink on any matter. You may get anxiety and sleep patterns may get disturbed because of workload and stress. You can learn meditation and give importance to your physical health. You should not get into arguments as it can affect your health. Eating junk food will cause you bad health this week. You should improve the quality of your diet. Be positive and try to be with positive people. Negative thoughts can give you stress.


Those who are interested in occult sciences or research work may spend money to buy books in these areas or may join a new course. You may learn how to make small savings for the long term. You may get back your money if you have given to others earlier. You may also get financial help from family members. Married Aquarius natives may make financial gains from their in-laws. You might go out on a short business trip which will make you successful. At the same time, you may incur financial losses because of disagreement with your siblings. You may also incur educational expenses.


You may go out on a short business trip this week. Writing mail and messages will play an important role in the workplace. You should check your official messages and emails before sending them further. Communication and commitment will be very crucial in your job and also in business. You may go out on a sudden business trip. You will get the help and guidance from your seniors. If you are waiting for a promotion or finalizing a big deal related to work, this week will be really good.

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