Adventurous Road Trips to Explore in Brazil

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Brazil is one of the most expansive countries on earth, with countless adventure spots that will make road trip lovers scream in excitement. This piece is on some of the most interesting road trips that anyone can enjoy while in Brazil. From the Pantanal to the Interior to the Transpantaneira, this is a country that offers the best of voyages. 

The Pantanal 

This region covers the Estrada Parque, Transpantaneira, and the Interior. The kind of road trip here is ideal for those interested in wildlife viewing. The road varies from a laterite kind in the Transpantaneira to the unpaved ones on the Estrada Parque. 

The best time to drive here is during the dry season period which is from June to September, and this is because you have a maximal chance of seeing the wild animals. Those going to the interior will also make the best of this period because rains come with flooding. 

For accommodation, there are many guesthouses on the Transpantaneira and the Estrada Parque that you can choose from. The same goes for campsites, particularly on the Estrada Parque. Based on the period of the year, the rough camps can be difficult or easy to find. 

The Pantanal is a section of a UNESCO Heritage Site and is one of the most amazing places on the continent for wildlife watching. It is one of the finest places to enjoy road trips. The landscape has a lot of flat grasslands so you can expect endless views. Capybaras, waterfowl, toucans, macaws, caymans, and others parade in their majestic glory. 

Estrada Real in Minas Gerais

A cultural road trip to this area will enjoy some of the most historic features colonial towns, rococo, and baroque churches. The road is not properly taken care of so you should expect some rough driving, but drivers can have access to the road all through the year. The various towns come with their guesthouses so shelter will not be an issue. 

National Park da Bocaina

This is the area between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo and the road trip is an ideal one for adventure lovers. The quality of the road varies depending on the area. You can drive all year round but be sure to face muddy sections when it rains. There are a few guesthouses for accommodation, but a GPS tool can be helpful. 

Northeast Brazil Beach Drive from Camocin to Fortaleza

This is the typical beach driving adventure. As for the quality of the road, one can expect hard sand to the dunes when the sands are shifting. Tires will be deflated from time to time so you should be prepared. The road is accessible all through the year but the best time during June to January which is the dry season. 


This road trip involves traveling across the Amazon from Humaitas to Altamira. It is one of the most excellent road trips anyone can ever engage in. the road is generally not paved and can vary from lots of potholes to smooth sections. For when to drive, the dry season from June to November is the best period. 

The BR319

This is the irregular road between Manaus and Porto Velho, but the road is ideal for adventurous travelers who are very well experienced with camping. The quality of the road is not a good one at all so you should be ready for dangerous spots. It is not easy to find a good place for accommodation here so be ready for the rough nights. 

Sertao Trip

The Sertao is the harsh and dry portion of northeast Brazil, and it is full of sheer culture and adventure. The quality of the road varies from potholed to excellent portions. June to December is the dry season. There are rough camps scattered around, do not expect comfortable beds. 

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