8 Ways to Increase Office Productivity in a Presale Environment

Were you aware that you can become a more productive person within minutes?

Office productivity is something that many people struggle with for a variety of reasons. While it may seem difficult to focus on work-related tasks, most of the trouble people have come from being unorganized.

You’ll find many companies that sell office productivity products, but the only thing you need is yourself. While some products exist that make tasks easier, you can see major improvements with time management.

We’ll further save you time by going over some of the best strategies you can use that don’t require much to implement.

Here are 8 ways to increase office productivity!

1. Dedicate a Period to Work

One of the best office productivity tips we can give you is to dedicate a period to work. Doing this is as simple as setting time aside to focus on nothing but work, which can be harder than it sounds.

A common problem that people run into when trying to be productive is getting distracted by phones and other things.

However, remind yourself that you can look at your phone immediately after work. With a dedicated period, you’ll be more likely to get things done and will feel confident enough to continue working.

2. Take Breaks Often

Aside from dedicating a period to work, you should be taking breaks often. Many have the misconception that being productive revolves around non-stop working. Yet, doing this will only result in you getting too tired to get things done.

If you’re working a job that involves sitting all day, try getting up every 45 minutes. During this time, you can walk around, get some water, check your phone, etc.

Be aware of how long you’re taking a break because too much time away from work can make it harder to return. Try not to spend longer than 10 minutes away unless you’re taking a break to eat.

3. Use the Pomodoro Technique

A common strategy that many productivity articles mention is the Pomodoro technique. This technique involves spending a certain amount of time working and taking breaks.

For example, after 25 minutes of working, you can take a 5-minute break. This would allow you to be productive for 50 minutes every hour.

When using the Pomodoro technique, you can use whatever numbers you’re comfortable with. Some tasks will require 2-3 breaks per hour whereas others only need 1.

If you were doing a mentally draining task, you could use the 25/5 method. Those doing something monotonous that doesn’t require much energy could take a 55/5 or 50/10 approach.

4. Organize Your Work Area

While you can try to develop a plethora of office productivity skills, a simple way to improve things is to organize your work area. Doing this not only makes things look better, but it’ll make it easier to concentrate on your work.

You should essentially have nothing in your work area that you don’t actually use. For example, if all your work takes place on a computer, the only thing at your desk should be the computer.

If you have anything else in your work area, you’ll likely get distracted. All it takes is looking at something to start thinking about a ton of things that aren’t work-related.

5. Use Automation If Possible

Depending on what you’re working on, you may be able to use automation to speed things up.

Automation allows businesses to complete tasks without manual effort. For example, if you work in payroll, you can use software to automatically distribute payments to employees.

You can find a variety of office productivity products that let you get more done in shorter periods. If you can, implement automation whenever possible to ensure you have time for other tasks.

6. Use Productivity Tools

Similar to implementing automation, you can use the top office productivity tools to collaborate with other employees. Some of the most popular tools are Slack and Google Docs because they allow several people to do things together.

Productivity gadgets that focus on collaboration reduce how many steps you have to go through to do something. For example, Slack lets users send messages and share documents within one window.

You can also use productivity gadgets for managing a business. Hub presales solutions are used by many because you can review analytics, track investments, get insights, and more.

7. Listen to Music

Another simple productivity strategy to implement is to listen to music while working. Listening to music makes being productive easier because it gives you something else to think about instead of only work.

Depending on the task you’re doing, you may also listen to podcasts. However, it’s best to listen to music without vocals if you’re doing something that involves recording information.

8. Stay Hydrated

The last office productivity tip we’ll give you is to stay hydrated throughout the day. This is overlooked by many, but it’s crucial if you want to focus as much as possible.

Drinking water not only makes it easier to think, but it also gives you something to do during work. Instead of glancing at your phone, you can take an intermission to re-hydrate.

Try to turn it into a habit as soon as possible so you can be even more efficient when developing office productivity skills.

Start Using These Office Productivity Tips Today

Now that you’ve read this article, all you must do is start implementing these strategies. Increasing office productivity doesn’t require much, you’ll just need to take things slowly to prevent yourself from burning out.

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